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Magnus Fin and the Selkie Secret

Janis Mackay


Also available as: eBook

Range: Kelpies Paperback 224 pages 198 x 130 mm ISBN: 9780863158650 Publication date: 23 February 2012

'Magnus Fin thrashed his arms through the water. Something had touched him. Was it a shark? The touch had been eerily cold. Could It be... a sea ghost?'

Schoolboy Magnus Fin is half selkie -- part human, part seal -- and the great sea god Neptune needs his help. Neptune's treasures of wisdom have been stolen, and he is losing control of the raging waves. Magnus Fin battles with sea ghosts and tries to outwit a nosy journalist, but can he return Neptune's precious jewels and save the ocean?

The Magnus Fin books are inspired by life in the far north of Scotland.


'Mackay's strength is in the atmosphere of the wild northern shore line conveyed with skill and imbued with her own love and experience of the place. There are textures of sand and rock, whilst the sea's moods pervade everything. The plot is well organised and entertains well enough without ever being too dramatic. I really enjoyed the drawing by Nicola L. Robertson, who has managed to capture the mood of the story very well once again to make a very attractive book cover ... Children will grow fond of these recurring characters and the subtle interplay of the various worlds that Magnus inhabits ... A wonderful gift for any child.'
-- Anna Phillips, New View.

'Janis's storytelling skills dance on the pages as she outlines the environmental damage that the sea is subjected to as the good king Neptune loses his powers ... It is written with sympathy and understanding but there is no talking down. The book is perfect for intelligent 10 year olds and is a creditable addition to the kelpies library.
This is the third book in the Magnus Fin trilogy. It will be loved by existing fans and will no doubt bring Janis many more.'
-- Lothian Life

'Inspired by life in the far north of Scotland, Magnus Fin and the Selkie Secret is a tale about one unusual boy's gripping adventure saving his family and the ocean from elements ... The gentle, imaginative prose of the story, especially the undersea world, carries you along and makes this a worthwhile read for kids and fanciful adults.'
-- Vermont Country Sampler

'There is excitement and warmth in the stories and the strong message about celebrating differences between people means this is a very positive story and will attract children who love animals and enjoy being by the sea.'
-- Sarah Mears, School Librarian

'The world of the selkie is delightfully imagined as a place of beauty and danger, community, and natural rhythms. Slightly other-worldly in tone, this books makes telling points about the need for humans to stop treating the seas as an infinitely renewable resource to be despoiled at our pleasure.'

Magnus Fin and the Selkie Secret


Janis Mackay was born and grew up in Edinburgh, but moved to London to study journalism. She has an MA in Creative Writing and has held writer-in-residence posts in both Caithness and Sutherland. She currently lives in Edinburgh, where she teaches creative writing and works…

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