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The Cat Who Decided

Margaret Forrester
Sandra Klaassen


Range: Young Kelpies Paperback 112 pages 10 b/w illustrations 198 x 130 mm ISBN: 9780863156120 Publication date: 27 September 2007
Genre: Animals Ideal for ages: 6, 7, 8 and 9

Why does nobody want the mixter-maxter kitten?

The little stripey cat is on a journey. He is sent
from the farm to the city and passed from owner to owner. No one seems to love him for just being him.

Once he moves into the tall house in Edinburgh and finds his name — Mac — life gets more interesting. He makes friends with two musical ladies next door and discovers he likes Bach ... and cat treats. He explores, and has many adventures.

Then, just when he starts to feel settled, unsettling things start to happen. Will he ever find someone to love him for always?


'A little message reminding me that it doesn't matter what somebody looks like or how they live their life that we're all essentially the same and I loved Mac'.
-- Cathy MacDonald on Sunday Morning with Cathy MacDonald, BBC Scotland

'Based on the real story of a family cat who came "free" with an Edinburgh house, this is an ideal read-aloud, told with gentle humour and genuine respect for a cat who was very special. Forrester entwines stories of several generations with humour and affection - Mac's neighbourhood is definitely one to visit.'
-- Lindsey Fraser, Sunday Herald

'Human characters, young and old, are finely observed, kind-hearted and well meaning in their different ways, while Mac is a sympathetic, complex character. This is a quiet story, elegantly told, compassionate about animals and realistic in its approach to death as a natural phenomenon.'
-- Books for Keeps, March 2008

'An enjoyable story of a cat trying to find a home where he is loved ... Yes, the eventual ending is sad but it's all part of a child's growing up - neither animals nor humans last forever.'
-- Carousel - The Guide to Children's Books, Summer 2008

'This is just a charming story for young cat lovers! ... It is a humorous, feel-good tale and is based on an almost true story.'
-- School Library Association

'This is a very gentle story about a cat in search of a permanent owner. Told from the cat's point of view, it has a very simple narrative thread, which his easy for young children to follow. With its soft lilting brogue, it is a perfect bedtime read for children who love animals and secure endings.'
-- Write Away

Cat Who Decided


Margaret Forrester was born and brought up in Edinburgh. She worked in India and England before returning to Edinburgh where she was a Church of Scotland minister and chaplain to two primary schools. She is the author of two picture books, My Cat Mac and…

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Sandra Klaassen was born in 1959 in the Netherlands and lived for many years on the island of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides, from where she drew her inspiration for picture books Peg the Little Sheepdog, and Uan the Little Lamb. She has illustrated…

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