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Cloudberry Castle

Janey Louise Jones


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Range: Young Kelpies Paperback 176 pages 198 x 130 mm ISBN: 9780863157653 Publication date: 30 September 2010
Genres: Humour, School Ideal for ages: 6, 7, 8 and 9 Cloudberry Castle series

Katie Mackenzie loves ballet, and longs to be a ballerina like her mum. When her family inherits an old castle, Katie dreams of turning it into the most wonderful ballet school in Scotland. That’s if she can stop her parents from selling it.

With a little mischief and some help from her friends, Katie sets out to save Cloudberry. But the castle has its own secrets, if only Katie can unlock them before it’s too late.

A sparkling story about friendship, family and following your dreams -- from bestselling author Janey Louise Jones.


'This is a story of believing you can do anything you want, not necessarily easily, this isn't a place for dreamers, but with sensible research and planning. It's a hopeful message.'
-- Suse Coon, Lothian Life

'... a super adventure story which young girls will love.'
-- Creative Steps, Jan/Feb 2011

'Cloudberry Castle is a delicious chapter book about an irrepressible, spunky heroine named Katie Mackenzie whose family inherits a Scottish castle (Cloudberry) that needs to be saved. Katie, who loves to dance ballet like her mother, dreams of converting Cloudberry into a fabulous ballet school, but she needs some mysterious help from Dr. Campbell, a previous castle owner and author who leaves a manuscript of a potentially big selling Egyptian book for Katie to try to sell to save the castle. There are many setbacks and delays to Katie's ideas about saving Cloudberry Castle by converting it to a ballet school, but young girls ages 8-12 will love following the dreams and schemes of Katie through to their satisfying conclusion. "Cloudberry Castle" contains just the right mix of hardships with joy, disappointments with developments, and creative vision spiced with fun, talent and artistry. Author Janey Louse Jones has also written the popular and successful "Princess Poppy" books for young girls.'
-- Midwest Book Review

'Young Katie Mackenzie dreams of becoming a ballerina, just as her mum did. When the family inherits an old castle, Katie dreams of establishing a ballet school. Katies's efforts to make her dream a reality uncover some complex secrets about the inheritance and Cloudberry Castle itself. It's a story to delight girls'.
-- The Yellow Brick Road

'Cloudberry Castle is wonderful... In it Katie's family has inherited a castle. There is where Katie hopes to one day build her ballet school. But her folks are considering selling the castle. Katie starts finding out the secrets of the castle and things begin to get a lil mixed up then. But Katie's family, friends and her own goals helps her to unravel the mystery.'
-- Crazed Mind blog

Cloudberry Castle


Janey Louise Jones was born in Edinburgh and brought up in East Lothian. She has been writing stories since she was seven. Her hugely popular Princess Poppy series has sold over two million copies to date and has been translated into several languages. Janey is…

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