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Wee Granny and the Ceilidh

Elizabeth McKay
Maria Bogade


Range: Picture Kelpies Paperback 32 pages colour illustrations 254 x 210 mm ISBN: 9781782502098 Publication date: 17 September 2015
Genre: Humour Ideal for ages: 3, 4, 5 and 6

It's the day of the school ceilidh, but everything is going wrong!

Luckily Wee Granny has brought her magic tartan bag… What surpring things will she pull out to save the dance?


'Maw Broon meets Mary Poppins in this cheerful story for young readers. [...] Wee Granny appears to be a typical -- or should I say 'stereotypical' -- Scottish granny, grey haired and rosy cheeked, definitely the kind of granny 'ye cannae shove aff the bus', but what she finds in her tartan bag totally redefines the term 'bag of tricks' and is the source of much fun for young readers with a sate for the absurd. Bogade's cartoon-like illustratons in ink and watercolour are reminiscent of the Scottish Comics tradition of the Beano and the Dandy. This adds yet another Scottish dimension to the title and works well with the preposterous situations which are depicted.'
--School Library Association

Wee Granny and the Ceilidh


Elizabeth McKay is from Dalry in Ayrshire, Scotland. She has had around 300 stories and articles published. She works part time at a day-centre for adults with learning disabilities. Having seven nieces and nephews (and now great nieces and nephews) has provided her with the…

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Maria Bogade studied Audiovisual Media at the University of Stuttgart before starting work as a 3D animation artist. She worked mainly for Studio Soi on award-winning projects like The Gruffalo. Her passion for creating her own unique images, characters and environments led her towards illustration….

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