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  • Top-Secret Grandad and Me: Death by Soup

    David MacPhail
    Laura Avino


    Can wannabe detective Jay Patel and his top-secret sidekick (his ghost grandad!) solve the hilarious and wacky murders taking place[...]

  • Top-Secret Grandad and Me: Death by Tumble Dryer

    David MacPhail
    Laura Avino


    Detective Jay Patel has a new top-secret sidekick – his ghost grandad! Can Jay and Grandad solve the first in[...]

  • The Treasure of the Loch Ness Monster

    Lari Don
    Natasa Ilincic


    A new Loch Ness Monster story inspired by local folklore which is sure to become the classic Nessie story. This[...]

  • Trespassers

    Claire McFall


    Tristan and Dylan have escaped the afterlife. Now they must face the consequences. The stunning sequel to the truly original,[...]

  • Uan the Little Lamb

    Sandra Klaassen


    Two Scottish children find a little lamb abandoned by her mother and decide to take care of it. Set in[...]

  • The Underground City

    Anne Forbes


    The third book in the Dragonfire series, featuring the adventures of Clara and Neil Maclean, is set against the backdrop[...]

  • The Unlikely Time Traveller

    Janis Mackay


    Robbie has disappeared. And, since he’d been asking a lot of questions about time travel, Saul has a good idea[...]

  • Ushig

    Annemarie Allan


    Ellen accidentally stumbles into a dark, parallel world, inhabited by the creatures of Scottish legend. A unique, modern take on[...]

  • We’re Gangin on a Bear Hunt

    We're Going on Bear Hunt in Scots

    Susan RennieMichael Rosen
    Helen Oxenbury


    A Scots language edition of the classic picture book for children. We’re gaun tae catch a braw yin!

  • Wee Granny and the Ceilidh

    Elizabeth McKay
    Maria Bogade


    Surprising things happen when Wee Granny reaches into her magic bag! Will she be able to save the school ceilidh?[...]