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  • Chill & Shiver

    2 Books in 1

    Alex Nye


    Eerie footsteps, a scream in the night and a hidden staircase to nowhere: you won’t want to read these two[...]

  • The Coming of the Unicorn

    Scottish Folk Tales for Children

    Duncan WilliamsonLinda Williamson


    A wonderful collection of traditional Scottish stories for children, full of animals and ogres, kings and broonies, fairies and ordinary[...]

  • The Complete Fabled Beasts Chronicles

    First Aid for Fairies, Wolf Notes, Storm Singing and Maze Running

    Lari Don


    Heal centaurs, fly on dragons and defeat minotaurs in the complete The Fabled Beast Chronicles, an exciting four-book fantasy adventure[...]

  • Daemon Parallel

    Roy Gill


    Cameron discovers he has the power to shift between worlds and enter Edinburgh Parallel — home to demons and werewolves[...]

  • Dark Spell

    Gill Arbuthnott


    15-year-old Callie Hall has found out she’s a witch. Can she control her power long enough to turn back the[...]

  • The Day the World Went Loki

    Robert J. Harris


    Lewis and Greg have accidentally turned their mum into a troll, and the town of St Andrews into a fantasy[...]

  • Demons, Dragons, Monsters and Mayhem

    Try 4 Kelpies Books for FREE

    Lari DonRoy GillDaniela SacerdotiAlette J. Willis


    Enjoy free chapters from four best-selling books in the Kelpies range of fiction for 8 to 12 year olds.

  • The Desperate Journey

    Kathleen Fidler


    Ten-year-old twins Kirsty and David Murray are forced to leave their croft in the north of Scotland. How will they[...]

  • Devil You Know

    Cathy MacPhail


    Recently arrived on a Glasgow council estate, Logan is grateful to have made any friends at all. But will his[...]

  • Dragon Seeker

    Anne Forbes


    The final installment in the thrilling Dragonfire series finds Neil and Clara joining forces with witches, wolf people, MacArthurs and[...]