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Ferryman film rights sold to Hollywood

Posted on 18/01/18 in Claire McFall, Ferryman

We’re incredibly excited that a Hollywood studio has optioned the Ferryman film rights. US production studio Legendary Entertainment has acquired the …

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Features for Teachers: Scots Language Glossary

Posted on 12/01/18 in Features for Teachers, Scots Language

Bringing the Scots language into your classroom has never been easier with our range of picture books in Scots, now including a muckle, strippit new t …

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New Kelpies galore join us in 2018!

Posted on 01/01/18 in Books

2018 will be the 15th birthday of the Floris Books Kelpies list. So, we thought it was only fitting to celebrate in style! We’ve got ALL these new Kel …

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Our 2017 highlights

Posted on 29/12/17 in Authors, Edinburgh International Book Festival, Launches and Events, The Kelpies Prize, What We've Been Up To

It’s been another busy year at Kelpies HQ. With lots of new books, new faces and new ventures the past 12 months have been exciting, stimulating and r …

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Features for Teachers: Ruby McCracken Activity Pack

Posted on 15/12/17 in Elizabeth Ezra, Features for Teachers, Ruby McCracken

Are you looking for some Ruby Mc-Cracking activities for your classroom? Then look no further than this Ruby McCracken: Tragic Without Magic activity …

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Porridge the Tartan Cat and the Loch Ness Mess competition

Features for Teachers: Porridge the Tartan Cat

Posted on 15/12/17 in Alan Dapre, Features for Teachers, Porridge the Tartan Cat

Are you looking for some MOG-nificent classroom activities? Ones that will make your pupils say Me-WOW? Then look no further than the Porridge the Tar …

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Features for Teachers: Accidental Time Traveller

Posted on 15/12/17 in Features for Teachers, Janis Mackay, The Accidental Time Traveller

Are you looking for rewarding reading resources that your pupils will relish? Then why not try this pack for the award-winning The Accidental Time Tra …

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Ruby McCracken’s Guide to Christmas

Posted on 08/12/17 in Fun Stuff, Ruby McCracken

Hi guys, Ruby McCracken here. As I get ready to spend my first ever Christmas in the Ordinary World, I thought I’d explain some of the weird Ord custo …

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The Treasure of the Loch Ness Monster: Cover Reveal!

Posted on 30/11/17 in Folk and Fairy Tales, Lari Don

Apparently 2017 was a record year for Loch Ness Monster sightings. We predict 2018 will be even better… We’re so excited to reveal the cover for The …

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Ruby McCracken’s Guide to the Ordinary World

Posted on 30/10/17 in Ruby McCracken

Hi! I’m Ruby McCracken, and I’m a witch. Well, I was a witch, until my parents forced us to leave our home in the magical world of Hexadonia to come a …

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