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  • Can’t-Dance-Cameron

    A Scottish Capercaillie Story

    Emily Dodd
    Katie Pamment


    Cameron the capercaillie thinks he’s the worst dancer in the Scottish Cairngorms but maybe with the help of his new[...]

  • The Cat Who Decided

    Margaret Forrester
    Sandra Klaassen


    The mixter-maxter kitten just wants to be loved for being himself. Will he ever find a permanent home? A funny,[...]

  • Fergus Finds a Friend

    Kenneth Steven


    Fergus the otter travels along the riverbank to find a new home, meeting all sorts of new creatures along the[...]

  • Flash the Sheep Dog

    Kathleen Fidler


    Tom is sent to live on his uncle’s farm on the Scottish Borders which he finds barren and lonely. But[...]

  • The Giant Panda Party

    Gill Arbuthnott
    Joanne Nethercott


    Sweetie, the giant panda, organises the other animals to sing for Sunshine’s birthday. A hilarious story of animal hijinks, set[...]

  • The Giant Panda Party 10-Book Party Pack

    Gill Arbuthnott
    Joanne Nethercott

  • The Grouse and the Mouse

    A Scottish Highland Story

    Emily Dodd
    Kirsteen Harris-Jones


    A funny and lively tale about two of Scotland’s best-loved animals — an endangered black grouse and a wood mouse[...]

  • Hairy Hettie

    The Highland Cow Who Needs a Haircut!

    Jo Allan


    When blackbirds, butterflies, a squirrel and a hare decide to make their homes in Hettie the Highland Cow’s long hair,[...]

  • Haki the Shetland Pony

    Kathleen Fidler


    Haki and his owner Adam are forced to leave their croft in the Shetlands and join a travelling circus.

  • Harris the Hero

    A Puffin's Adventure

    Lynne Rickards
    Gabby Grant


    Harris the puffin helps a lost baby seal, with help from some other animal friends. Brilliant rhyming text carries this[...]