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Yo ho, yo ho! A Pyrate’s Life for DiscoverKelpies

Posted on 19/09/2013 in Books

DK Pyrate's Boy banner

Arrrrr, me scurvy Kelpies seadogs! Did ye ken that Thursday 19th September is International Talk Like A Pirate Day?

Wha’ d’ye mean ‘NO’? Would ye like t’ try again?

Did ye savvy it’s also th’ day Pyrate’s Boy by E.B. Colin, a handsome pirate yarn from the beauties at DiscoverKelpies, can fin’lly be exchanged for 6 doubloons or a talking parrot?

Shiver me timbers, lads and lasses! Have ye bin marooned in th’ bilge these long months? Pyrate’s Boy be a thrillin’ adventure, with swashbucklin’ pyrates, danger at every turn an’ plenty o’ cannon fire an’ booty.

Found shipwrecked by the crew of the feared pyrate ship Tenacity, Silas Orr, an 11-year-old runaway from Greenock, is given a choice:

x Take his chances in a row boat on the open water; or

x Swear to the pyrate’s code and become cabin boy for Captain Jon Harkin, the infamous pyrate Black Johnnie.

Silas chooses to stay aboard. But life on the high seas isn’t easy and when the pyrates discover a mysterious box attached to a drowning boy, they begin the fight of their lives. Their adventures take Silas from Jamaica to Glasgow, on a dangerous journey of thievery, cannon fire and kidnap – but what secrets await him there?

An’ because there be nothin’ as excitin’ as a handsome pirate yarn, the good ship Kelpies is goin’ t’ natter like a true swashbucklin’ buccaneer all day to celebrate the maiden voyage of Pyrate’s Boy. Send us yer message in a bottle, or hoist the colours on Facebook and Twitter.

But beware … landlubbers will be made to walk the plank, and ye may lay to that!

PS. Not sure how to talk like a pyrate? Never fear, here’s a handy guide with our top 10 fun words and phrases!

Posted by First Mate Nuria aboard the good ship DiscoverKelpies

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