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Spellchasers competition: win a signed book!

Posted on 24/01/2017 in Competitions Lari Don Spellchasers

Calling all Lari Don fans! To celebrate the launch of The Shapeshifter’s Guide to Running Away, Atacama the sphinx helped us to put together this tricky riddle competition. The winner of our Spellchasers competition will get their hands on a special signed copy from author Lari Don.

In this, the second book in the Spellchasers trilogy, Molly’s curse is getting worse. The curse-breaking workshop hasn’t exactly turned out how Molly and her friends had hoped. And now something is going wrong with the way curses work. The team need to find the Promise Keeper who controls all curses, but the Keeper is guarded by Atacama and his riddle.

Can you help the team reach the Promise Keeper and stop the world of curses from spinning out of control? Solve Atacama’s three riddles below and enter our Spellchasers competition to have a chance of winning. Simply send the answers to all three riddles to by 5pm on Friday 10th February.

Spellchasers Competition 1

I have a trunk, but I’m not an elephant,

I’m proud of my bark, but I’m not a dog,

I make rings, but I’m not a jeweller,

What am I?

Spellchasers Competition 2

I helped long-ago writers write,

I make pillows soft and duvets fluffy,

And I keep birds in the air,

What am I?

Spellchasers Competition 3

I am a wet weather gift, tied up in a neat ribbon.

I am a curve of many colours,

but never brown, pink, black or white.

What am I?


We’ll announce the winner of our Spellchasers competition – along with the answers to our riddles – on Thursday 16th February (publication day!) on the DiscoverKelpies blog and on our Twitter and Facebook channels.

Good luck!

The Shapeshifter's Guide to Running Away

The Shapeshifter’s Guide to Running Away, the second book in Lari Don’s Spellchasers trilogy will be published on 16th February. Look out for The Witch’s Guide to Magical Combat, the dramatic final book in the trilogy, coming Autumn 2017.

Missed Molly and the team’s adventures so far? Catch up in The Beginner’s Guide to Curses, the first book in the Spellchasers trilogy, available now.

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