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Revenge of the Giant Robot Chickens

Alex McCall


Also available as: eBook

Range: Kelpies Paperback 208 pages 198 x 130 mm ISBN: 9781782502104 Publication date: 16th July 2015
Genres: Adventure and Thriller, Humour, Science Fiction Theme: Dystopia Ideal for ages: 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12
Why did the chickenator cross the road? To egg-sterminate the resistance!

The giant robot chickens are bawk, but this time the kids of Aberdeen are ready to fight.

When a terrifying new robot -- the Chickenator -- starts to peck up rebel leaders one by one, Rayna suspects fowl play. Is there a spy in the council?

Jesse hatches a plan to set the human captives free, but is he under-egg-stimating their chicken overlords?

In the battle between plucky kids and vengeful poultry, who will have the last cluck?

Revenge of the Giant Robot Chickens


Alex McCall grew up in Aberdeen and is currently studying Filmmaking and Screenwriting at the University of the West of Scotland. His first novel for children, Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens, won the Kelpies Prize 2013 and the Scottish Children’s Book Awards 2015.

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