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The Unlikely Time Traveller

Janis Mackay


Also available as: Paperback

Range: Kelpies eBook 240 pages ISBN: 9781782502753 Publication date: 19th May 2016
Genre: Adventure and Thriller Theme: Time Travel Ideal for ages: 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Time Traveller series
Robbie has disappeared. And, since he'd been asking Saul a lot of questions about time travel, Saul has a good idea where he might have gone...

At school they've been doing a project on the future: will it be full of robots and shiny technology? Or will the environment have been destroyed? The last thing Saul wants to do is go there and find out for sure -- but there's no way Robbie will manage on his own in the twenty-second century.

The third book in Janis Makay's much-loved Time Traveller series, set in Peebles in the Scottish borders, takes the reader to an unpredictable and exciting future filled with thought-provoking discoveries.

What does the future hold in store, and can Saul get Robbie safely back to their own time?


'A fun read with some serious points about friendship and safeguarding the planet for future generations.'
-- School Library Association

'I enjoyed this book [...] it was realistic even though it was about time and space travel because some of it was set in Scotland in places that I know. I would like to read others in the series'
-- Teen Titles

Unlikely Time Traveller


Janis Mackay was born and grew up in Edinburgh, but moved to London to study journalism. She has an MA in Creative Writing and has held writer-in-residence posts in both Caithness and Sutherland. She currently lives in Edinburgh, where she teaches creative writing and works…

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