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Fergus Finds a Friend

Kenneth Steven


Range: Picture Kelpies Paperback 32 pages colour illustrations 254 x 210 mm ISBN: 9780863157783 Publication date: 30th September 2010
Genre: Animals Ideal for ages: 3, 4, 5 and 6
It’s time for Fergus the young otter to leave home. As he sets out along the riverbank, he meets many new creatures, from playful butterflies to barking dogs. Will he find a safe place to make a home and friends of his own kind?

A charming story from Perthshire-based children’s writer Kenneth Steven, inspired by
the Scottish countryside.


'Steven's warm story is sympathetically illustrated by Crowe as she brings the countryside to life.'
-- The Scotsman

'A delightful picture book nature story about a Scottish otter named Fergus who searches for a friend and a new home. Sensitively illustrated with detailed paintings of Scottish wild country and animals that inhabit it.'
-- Midwest Book Review

'Charming illustrations grace this story of Fergus, the otter who leaves home to make a new life.'
-- The Yellow Brick Road

'Beautifully illustrated with a fine eye for natural detail.'
-- School Librarian

'Lovely to look at, and written with a elegant and eloquent simplicity, this book has a charm that is likely to interest and appeal to children in the 6 to 8+ age-range. Their eyes will be brightly opened.'
-- Trevor Dickinson, School Librarian

Fergus Finds a Friend


Kenneth Steven is a poet and children’s author based in Perthshire, Scotland. Much of his inspiration comes from nature; he loves walking and exploring in the countryside. Twenty of his books have been published over the years and his children’s books have been translated into…

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