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Hoglet the Spineless Hedgehog

Allyson Marnoch


Range: Young Kelpies Paperback 192 pages 40 b/w line illustrations 198 x 130 mm ISBN: 9780863157424 Publication date: 25th February 2010
Genre: Animals Theme: Environment Ideal for ages: 6, 7, 8 and 9

Meet Hoglet! A small hedgehog with big

With no prickles to protect himself, Hoglet
struggles to fi nd food and a safe place to hibernate through the cold Scottish winter.

On his long journey he meets a mouse, an owl, a fox, a wildcat, some Highland cows and even an ostrich! But will they help him or try to eat him? And will he ever grow his spines?


'This book is a funny, heart-warming tale that reminds you of the struggle for survival that many animals face during winter...The lovely simple illustrations also add to the charm of this story that will appeal to young and old.'
-- Emily Jones, MammalsUK, Winter 2010

'Best Book!... Find this super-cute story in all good book shops!'
-- Animals and You, April 2010

'There's plentiful awareness of wildlife and the plight of hedgehogs as a journey in search for a place to hibernate progresses.'
-- The School Librarian, Summer 2010

Hoglet the Spineless Hedgehog


Allyson Marnoch is a working mother of two who lives in Perth, Scotland. Her love of animals, and hedgehogs in particular, inspired her to write Hoglet, her first published book. She has rescued several orphan hedgehogs over the winter months and hopes Hoglet will help…

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