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Ruby McCracken: Tragic Without Magic

Elizabeth Ezra


Also available as: Paperback

Range: Kelpies eBook 176 pages ISBN: 9781782504580 Publication date: 19th October 2017
Genres: Fantasy, School Ideal for ages: 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12
My life is OVER. I've been dragged to live in the Ordinary World, without magic. A witch without magic? That's LITERALLY tragic.

No Snack Spell -- I'm STARVING!
No broomstick -- walking takes SO long!
And I can't even cast a curse on the mean girls at my new school.

I have to get back to my old life -- QUICK! I just need my magic back first...

Winner of the Kelpies Prize


'Ruby McCracken: Tragic without Magic is packed with humour, magic, disgusting food concoctions and hilarious anecdotes that will be perfect for fans of the Worst Witch and You Can't Make Me Go to Witch School.'
-- Armadillo

'The challenges of being a normal human plunged into magic training have been well worked in the Worst Witch series. But perhaps not thoroughly enough explored is what it means to be a witch thrust into a banal ordinary world in which she's not even allowed to cast spells. Enter the entertaining Ruby McCracken: Tragic Without Magic, by Elizabeth Ezra (Floris, £6.99)'
-- The Herald

‘Ruby is an endearing, witty heroine whose frustrations... will resonate with young readers as much as her language does, and Ezra's sense of fun abounds in witchy details... A great fit for readers looking to move on from the Worst Witch or Wrigglesbottom Primary to something slightly spooky but not too scary.'
-- West Coast Review

Ruby McCracken: Tragic Without Magic


Elizabeth Ezra was born in California, has lived in New York and Paris, and now lives with her family in Edinburgh. She teaches at the University of Stirling and writes children’s books in her spare time. In 2016 she won the Kelpies Prize for new…

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