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N is for Nessie: A Scottish Alphabet for Kids

Kate Davies


Range: Picture Kelpies Paperback 32 pages colour illustrations 250 x 250 mm ISBN: 9781782500032 Publication date: 19th September 2013
Genres: Early Learning, Humour Ideal for ages: 3, 4, 5 and 6
Bagpipes, Kilts, Nessie…

You'll have a great time exploring Scotland through the alphabet.

From A to Z, you'll meet Scottish animals, visit Scotland's most famous places and discover its history -- but watch out for the weather!


'An enchanting Scottish journey through the alphabet... The illustrations are fabulous and each page is filled with wonderful detail.'
-- Creative Steps magazine

'Much, much more than just an alphabet book -- it's a real Scottish adventure!'
-- Creative Steps magazine

'Parents reading along will easily relate to Auld Lang Sang as sung at New Year and drawings of clouds of M for midgies populating Scottish holidays. This is definitely one for my grandson in Australia!'
-- Lothian Life

'This bright, colourful book gets well away from the "A for Apple" cliches. My favourite page is Puffins, because they are so cute, and the one that made me laugh out loud was the double page spread for U and V - Umbrella and Very, very wet!'
-- Anabel Marsh, Anabel's Children's Literature Blog

'Every early years practitioner will want a Scottish alphabet colourfully featured in their learning environment for children after reading this lovely text and taking in the fantastic, colourful, atmospheric, detailed and inspirational illustrations ... This is quite simply a beautiful book that teaches children the alphabet in a refreshingly new and informative way.'
-- Early Years Educator

'... the text is dependent on the illustrations to provide context and entertainment. These are colorful and appealing, featuring a family (Dad carries a toddler in a front pouch) with a Scottie dog interspersed here and there... this might be useful in the States for Scottish expats or families preparing for a trip.'
-- Kirkus

N is for Nessie: A Scottish Alphabet for Kids


Kate Davies is a children’s illustrator. She studied at Bath Academy of Art, and lives just outside Bath, England.

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