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It’s Only the End of the World


Also available as: eBook

Range: KelpiesTeen Paperback 256 pages 198 x 130 mm ISBN: 9781782505174 Publication date: 16th August 2018
Genres: Adventure and Thriller, Humour, Science Fiction Ideal for ages: 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16
Charlie Ray -- your average teenage boy, right? Not so much. As it turns out…

1. Charlie's parents aren't boring -- they're radical computer hackers
2. He's the opposite of ordinary -- thanks to the Atlas serum, which has made him basically a superhero (minus the spandex)
3. People are out to get him. And us. Apparently Charlie's the only one who can save humanity from MASS EXTINCTION.

With the help of a rogue AI and smart-mouthed Daffodil McNugget (yes, that's seriously what she's calling herself), Charlie sets out to stop Armageddon. And if he can't…


It's only the end of the world.