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Secrets of the Last Merfolk: Video Extract

Posted on 26/07/21 in Books, Extract, Fun Stuff, Video

“They gave you the box, they gave me the key. The merfolk exist, and they want us to find them…” In the quiet seaside town of Dunlyre, new friends F …

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Features for Teachers: Velda the Awesomest Viking

Posted on 28/05/21 in Extract, Features for Teachers, Fun Stuff, Launches and Events

Are you ready for an AWESOME adventure? Well, ARE YOU? Velda is a small girl with a BIG axe, and a BIGGER attitude! Join her on her quest as she makes …

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The Otherwhere Emporium: Read an Extract

Posted on 03/08/20 in Extract, The Elsewhere Emporium, The Nowhere Emporium

The Nowhere Emporium has returned. In the following extract, Daniel Holmes, the owner of the Emporium, has just finished writing a new entry in the Bo …

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A Super Scotland Doodle Activity Pack

Posted on 26/07/19 in Extract, Fun Stuff, Susana Gurrea

  Visiting Scotland this summer? Looking for rainy-day activities to keep the children entertained? A Super Scotland Doodle Book is a must-have f …

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A Tour of Scotland in Stories

Posted on 04/07/19 in Extract, Folk and Fairy Tales, Theresa Breslin

We all know that Scotland is full of stories. It’s not surprising, really; the rugged mountains, mysterious lochs and impressive castles make the perf …

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Outcasts: Sneak Peek

Posted on 19/03/19 in Books, Claire McFall, Extract

She had a stitch in her side and her legs were burning, but Dylan barely noticed. Her every thought was focused on Tristan running in front of her, an …

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The Elsewhere Emporium: An exclusive extract!

Posted on 02/08/18 in Extract, Ross MacKenzie, The Elsewhere Emporium, The Nowhere Emporium

Are you ready?! The Elsewhere Emporium is published SIX WEEKS TODAY. To tide you over until then, we’re giving you lucky DiscoverKelpies fans an exclu …

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Awkward Autumn of Lily McLean

A sneak peek into Lily McLean’s diary

Posted on 23/03/17 in Extract, Lily McLean, Lindsay Littleson

Lily McLean had a Mixed-Up Summer. Now she’s (not) looking forward to an Awkward Autumn. Telling people you hear voices doesn’t win you many friends. …

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Odin Blew Up My TV! by Robert J. Harris

Odin Blew Up My TV! extract

Posted on 21/04/16 in Books, Extract

Can’t wait to get the book? Read an the first chapter of Odin Blew Up My TV! right here!   Chapter 1 — An Unexpected Forest As the 95A bus pulle …

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Have a sneaky peek at one of our spookiest #SpookyReads!

Posted on 28/10/14 in Alex Nye, Authors, Books, Chill, Extract, Fun Stuff

One of our favourite things to do when it’s cold, wet and windy outside is to curl up somewhere warm and comfortable with a good book. And with Hallow …

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