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Kelpies Prize 2018 shortlist

The Kelpies Prize 2018: Shortlist Announced!

Posted on 10/07/18 in Edinburgh International Book Festival, The Kelpies Prize

Our Kelpies Prize 2018 Shortlist Thank you to all the authors who submitted their titles for consideration for the Kelpies Prize 2018! After a difficu …

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Win a trip to Lochleven Castle!

Posted on 09/07/18 in Competitions, Mary, Queen of Scots, Theresa Breslin

The true story of the daring escape of Mary, Queen of Scots from the island castle in Lochleven is well-known throughout Scotland and the world. Now, …

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Football Tips and Tricks with Scotland Stars F.C.

Posted on 03/07/18 in Authors, Danny Scott, Fun Stuff

Learn some new skills for the World Cup with the help of Calum and his friends. Discover the Scotland Stars F.C. books by author and football fanatic …

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Isla & Pickle Activity Pack

Posted on 29/06/18 in Isla & Pickle, Kate McLelland

It’s official – our favourite Shetland pony is back! And what better way to celebrate the arrival of a new book in the Isla & Pickle series than w …

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Victoria Williamson - Refugee Week guest post

Refugee Week: A Guest Post from Victoria Williamson

Posted on 20/06/18 in The Fox Girl and the White Gazelle, Victoria Williamson

How can we help refugees? In this guest post for Refugee Week, Victoria Williamson considers some of the small acts of kindness in her debut novel The …

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Join #PickleOnTour with Kate McLelland

Posted on 18/06/18 in Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff, Guest posts, Isla & Pickle, Kate McLelland

It’s official – our favourite Shetland pony is back! Today is the first stop on Kate McLelland’s blog tour, which is celebrating the return of Isla an …

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#FlorisDesign meets Melanie Mitchell

Posted on 15/06/18 in Design and Illustration, Guest posts, Illustrators, Melanie Mitchell, Three Craws

Sung throughout Scottish homes up and down the country, classic rhymes and traditional tunes make for fun, interactive stoytime sessions. Some of them …

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Porridge the Tartan Cat - Pet Show Show-Off competition

Pet Show Show-Off: Introducing Slomo the sloth!

Posted on 08/06/18 in Alan Dapre, Competitions, Porridge the Tartan Cat

Huge congratulations to Jill Bennett, winner of our Porridge the Tartan Cat ‘Name A Character’ competition! Jill’s suggested name of Slomo was the fav …

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Wee Granny’s Guide to Pirate Lingo

Posted on 31/05/18 in Fun Stuff, Wee Granny

Get ready for excitement and surprises as Wee Granny (Scotland’s very own Mary Poppins!) and her magic tartan bag set off on another adventure. This t …

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What are your local monsters?

Posted on 07/05/18 in Authors, Lari Don, Treasure of the Loch Ness Monster

Today on the Discover Kelpies blog we’re delighted to be hosting Lari Don as she makes her first big splash on The Treasure of the Loch Ness Monster b …

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