Kelpies 10th Birthday

A few weeks ago the DiscoverKelpies team gathered as many of our wonderful authors, illustrators, cover designers and friends as we could for a giant party to celebrate the Kelpies 10th Birthday!

It has been 10 years (yikes!) since we published our very first brand-new Kelpie, Chaos Clock by Gill Arbuthnott, and we thought that publishing brilliant Scottish children’s books for a decade deserved a celebration. After all in the last 10 years we’ve achieved a lot! Here are just 10 of our favourite things about the last decade.

Kelpies 10 years

1. We’ve published over 60 new Kelpies

2. 8 of our Kelpies have been shorlisted for or won awards

3. We started a new website especially for the Kelpies (yes, this one!)

4. We started publishing Picture Kelpies (picture books for little ones)

5. We made a Facebook page (have you checked it out at yet?)

6. Our Kelpies authors have met thousands of children at schools and in bookshops

7. We discovered 10 brand-new authors through our Kelpies Prize

8. We’ve enjoyed launch parties, ballet parties, storytelling and school tours

9. We’ve made classic books cool with a new look for books in our Kelpies Classics series

10. We’ve had a lot of fun!

During our party we managed to get a team photo of our authors, illustrators and friends. Can you spot any friendly faces?

Kelpies 10th Birthday Party

You can more photos on our Facebook page. What’s your favourite Kelpie from the last 10 years? We’d love to know so why don’t you email us with your answer!

Posted by: Chani at DiscoverKelpies