5ft Ballerina Takes Over the Office!

We’ve got a bit of an unusual visitor staying in the office at the moment. She is 5ft high, wears a lot of pink, doesn’t eat and is made of cardboard! She’s a life-size cut out of Katie Mackenzie, the lead character from our new book Cloudberry Castle (in shops at the end of September). Did I mention that she is a ballerina?

Katie is currently standing behind Helena’s (our Production Manager) desk and it is a good thing that Helena is on holiday at the moment because I think that Katie staring at her all day was beginning to give her the creeps!

Katie and Chani in the Floris garden

We got Katie so that she could come to the Cloudberry Castle Launch Party and she is also going with author Janey Louise Jones (she also wrote the Princess Poppy books) to bookshops and festivals throughout Scotland.

If you want to meet Katie why not come along to the party at Dance Base in Edinburgh. You can click here for free a ticket.

Posted by: Chani at Discover Kelpies