Magical Mayhem at the Launch of Lari Don’s Spellchasers Trilogy

On Thursday evening, trainee witches, wizards and warlocks from across Edinburgh gathered in the magical surroundings of Augustine United Church to help Lari Don celebrate the launch of her new trilogy, Spellchasers. Little did they know that on arrival, they would be inflicted with a terrible curse…

The curses

The curses

Our young adventurers had to set out to solve five notorious riddles so that head witch Lari Don could lift their curses. The puzzles were fiendishly difficult, but children who attend book launches are known to be very wise, and so everyone was able to lift their curses with ease!

Intrepid young witches and wizards working to solve the riddles and lift their curse!

Intrepid young witches and wizards working to solve the riddles and lift their curse

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to solve the riddles and get your curse lifted? Have a go!

In the morning,
my blood runs cold and slow under my shiny skin.

In the afternoon,
my sun-warmed body speeds across the land in legless curves.

In the evening,
I eat with a fork, not a knife or a spoon.

At any time of day,
don’t ssstand on me, or I might bite you…

What am I?

I have a wide circular mouth and a big round belly

I’m happy to eat newts tails, toads warts and frog spawn jelly

As my soup boils, I murmer “hubble bubble”

But if you drink it, you might find toil and trouble.

What am I?

Long ago, I caused the siege of Troy

More recently, I adventured with fabled beasts

Now, I’m wishing Molly luck

What’s my name?

Golden, I fooled Atalanta

Red, I put Snow White to sleep

Green, I might be grown by your granny

And any colour, I keep the doctor away

What am I?

I must be broken to be any use

I can be chocolate or painted or made of stone

A bunny might deliver me in the springtime

What am I?

Did you get them all? The answers are at the end of this post for you to check!

Head witch Lari Don put the curses into her cauldron so she could lift them all!

Head witch Lari Don was on hand with her cauldron to help everyone lift their curses!

The first book in the Spellchasers trilogy, The Beginner’s Guide to Curses, is out now!

Did you get the answers to all five riddles?

 1. Snake, 2. Cauldron, 3. Helen, 4. Apple, 5. Egg