A sneak peek into Lily McLean’s diary

Lily McLean had a Mixed-Up Summer. Now she’s (not) looking forward to an Awkward Autumn.

Telling people you hear voices doesn’t win you many friends. Especially when you’re starting high school. Especially when everyone thinks you’re just like your troublemaking big sister. What could possibly go wrong?

Before she starts school, we’ve managed to get a sneak peek into Lily’s diary. (Of course, you should never read someone else’s diary, but we couldn’t resist!)


Dear Diary,

One week from now I’ll be putting on my second-hand uniform (including my hideous charity shop shoes) and heading for high school. It’s a scary prospect, scarier than taking Bronx and Hudson into a shop selling precious glass vases… or venturing uninvited into Jenna’s bedroom… or being cheeky to Gran. Those would all end in disaster, and I’ve a bad feeling that high school has disaster written all over it. Not literally. I didn’t see any vandalism when we went on the induction day.

There are two big problems.

1. I’m Jenna’s wee sister, and Jenna’s not known for being studious and well behaved, so the teachers are bound to hate me from Day 1.

2. Earlier this summer I was in the local papers. It wasn’t my fault I fell off Millport Pier, but people who don’t know me will have seen my photo, read the headline and will probably think I’m a total idiot.

Luckily nobody knows I was being haunted at the time. Well, nobody but my baby sister Summer and she can’t tell. It’s a secret I’m planning to keep, even from my friends.

I’m putting all the spooky stuff behind me. It’s going to be tricky enough making new friends at high school without anyone knowing I hear voices.

I’m not like Rowan, who’s popular with everyone. David thinks Rowan will find new friends and leave us behind, and that really worries me because Rowan has been my best friend since nursery. I want our friendship to stay the same, but I’ve got a bad feeling that David might be right. Rowan has been spending a lot of time with Georgia and Jade this summer, while I’ve been busy at home, helping Gran to look after the wee ones while Mum’s at work.

Speaking of home, our new house is bigger and better than the old one. Even if things go badly wrong at high school, I’ve got a better place than the downstairs hall cupboard to hide now. I’m writing this diary entry in my own room!!!

At the beginning of the holidays I made a chart, counting down the days until high school. Each time I cross one out, my heart thuds against my ribs and my hands feel clammy, as if something terrifying is about to happen.

Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

Awkward Autumn of Lily Mclean jacket cover

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