Anne Forbes — Dragon Seeker — Author Interview

In case you missed it, here is the Book of the Month author interview with Anne Forbes. Anne released the final book in her brilliant Dragonfire fantasy series earlier this year.

Q: When did you start writing?

Anne Forbes [AF]: I started writing in 2001. My first book was a history book which took a few years to research and write. Strangely enough, writing a history book is actually much easier than writing a novel which relies solely on the author’s ideas and imagination.

Q: How do you come up for the ideas in your books?

AF: Ideas are everywhere. You just have to look for them. A picture, a newspaper article or a snatch of conversation can trigger the idea for a story. The most important thing about writing is having a really good idea, preferably with a twist to it, which will make the book interesting and exciting rather than ordinary.

Q: You have written a whole series of books. How long does it take you to write each one?

AF: This is a tricky question! Once I have worked out the plot and everything is cut and dried, the first draft takes about four to five months to write.

Q: Did you know when you were writing the first book in the series,Dragonfire, what would happen in the last book?

AF: Only vaguely, however the seeds of the plot for the last book were sown in the first book.

Q: Who is your favourite character in the Dragonfire series?

Quite frankly I love them all. I have a soft spot for Clara, however — and my two magicians, Lord Rothlan and Prince Kalman — and Arthur, of course!!

Q: Have you ever based one of your characters on someone you know in real life?

AF: No, not really but I must admit that Lady Ellan has a lot in common with my daughter!

Q: You have written about a lot of magical creatures in your books. Which is your favourite magical creature and why?

AF: Arthur the dragon is, of course, the main magical character in the series and I have always loved him but I must admit that I had a soft spot for poor Amgarad — especially when he was a monstrous bird.

Q: How do you feel when you launch a new book?

AF: Wonderful! The most exciting moment of all is when the publisher gives you the very first copy of your new book. I know it sounds strange, but the story in book form somehow looks completely different from the manuscript.

Q: Which is your favourite book in the Dragonfire series and why?

AF: I think the first book will always be my favourite.

Q: Dragon Seeker is the sixth and final book in the Dragonfire series. How do you feel now that the series is over?

AF: I really feel quite sad — I grew to love all my characters.

Q: Are you planning to write any more children’s books now that the series is finished?

AF: I hope so. After finishing a series of books, however, it is quite difficult to dream up new ideas. It helps, too, if the ideas are lucky as well as good — and perhaps lead to another series!

Q: What is the best thing about being an author?

AF: While writing, I become totally involved in the characters and the plot. It’s like living in another world.

Thanks, Anne! We hope to hear from you soon.

Posted by: Chani at Discover Kelpies