Launch of Lari Don’s Maze Running and Other Magical Missions

Last week we had a fantastic time launching the fourth, AND FINAL (sob!), book in Lari Don’s First Aid for Fairies Series.

The brilliantly named Maze Running and Other Magical Missions was launched first at a school, Lorne Primary in Edinburgh and later on we had a launch party at Scottish Book Trust (where we’ve also had launch parties all the other books).

P5 and 6s from Lorne Primary are HUGE fans of the First Aid for Fairies Series and knew all the first three books and characters. They had all picked their favourite First Aid character and drawn a picture of him/her/it. There were some brilliant drawings of scary minotaurs, beautiful fairies and strong centaurs.

Fabled beast pictures by Lorne Primary

We liked them so much that we put them all around the walls at the Maze Running launch party!

Lari Don poemLari had also brought some more pictures from Calderwood Lodge Primary, near Glasgow. Someone had even written this cool poem about Lari!








During the launch party, Lari said ‘thanks’ to all the people who had come to see her (including loads of children from different primary schools and book groups) and to the people who helped her write her book. One special person she thanked was Emily, who won the Set the Scene competition last year and gave Lari the idea to set part of her book in a maze! (Maze Running, get it!?)

Lari Don reading at the launch of her book Maze RunningThen some of the children from Lorne Primary told everyone which First Aid for Fairies characters they liked most and Lari read some of the book. I won’t tell you what happens (spoilers!) but it’s pretty scary.

Waiting to get a signed book from Lari Don





Finally Lari signed copies of all her books for a huge queue of people!

Have you read Maze Running yet? We’d love to hear what you think. You can email us or tell us on Facebook. We’d also love to hear who is YOUR favourite First Aid for Fairies character. Mine’s Sylvie!



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