A Super Scotland Doodle Activity Pack


Visiting Scotland this summer? Looking for rainy-day activities to keep the children entertained? A Super Scotland Doodle Book is a must-have for holidays in Scotland and a wonderful souvenir for remembering Scottish adventures! Bursting with fun scenes to design, doodle and colour, this activity book takes you on a tour of the country’s best-loved places.

Why not get started right now with this free activity pack? You can:

  • Design your own Scottish Castle
  • Climb Ben Nevis (or doodle your way up it, at least!)
  • Fill the V&A Dundee with your own masterpieces
  • Colour in the Stone Age village of Skara Brae
A Super Scotland Doodle Book


About A Super Scotland Doodle Book

Packed with boredom-busting activites for youngsters, this brilliant activity book is the third in the Super Scotland series, and features a huge variety of things to do: dot-to-dots, mazes, colouring in, tracing, pattern designs, creative doodling exercises and much more!


About Susana Gurrea

About Susana GurreaSusana Gurrea is a children’s book writer and illustrator from Barcelona, Spain who also illustrated A Super Scotland Sticker Book and A Super Scotland Activity Book. You can read all about her work in our illustrator interview.

New Year: New Kelpies!

Gooooood morning 2019! We can’t quite believe we’re here again already, but we have a whole new list of Kelpies coming to bookshelves near you in the first half of the year!

Animal Adventures

Kicking things off is Lindsay Littleson’s Guardians of the Wild Unicorns, which sees best friends Rhona and Lewis caught up in a dangerous adventure to save the world’s last herd of wild unicorns. Please note these are REAL unicorns – not a pink sparkle in sight!

Continuing the animal conservation theme, The Baby Deer Rescue by Michelle Sloan is the first in the new Animal Adventure Club series, part of our Young Kelpies range. Perfect for young animal lovers, mini-environmentalists and anyone who finds baby deer really cute (i.e. everyone).

Moving out to the coast, we introduce you to Finn the Little Seal – the baby seal who’s scared of the big wide sea! Can he overcome his fears and find where he belongs? Find out in this adorable, heart-warming picture book from Sandra Klaassen.

Guardians of the Wild Unicorns by Lindsay Littleson    Animal Adventure Club: The Baby Deer Rescue by Michelle Sloan    Finn the Little Seal by Sandra Klaassen

Super Scotland

Standing proud in 2019, Robert the Bruce: The King and the Spider tells the epic story of the rebellious king’s encounter with a tenacious spider – inspiring him to fight on, and eventually triumph in a historic victory at the battle of Bannockburn. Stunning illustrations and a gripping story make this an unmissable addition to our Traditional Scottish Tales collection.

A Super Scotland Doodle Book is bursting on to the scene in March, and it’s also bursting with fun scenes from all over Scotland that will have young ones colouring, tracing, doodling and scribbling their way across the country with hours of boredom-busting activities!


Familiar Faces

Not forgetting our older readers, a new addition to our Kelpies Edge range arrives in March with Outcasts, the much-anticipated final instalment in the sensational, multi-million-copy-selling epic love story that is Claire McFall’s Ferryman trilogy.

Last, but most certainly not least, our old pal Thorfinn the Nicest Viking returns in April with Thorfinn and the Dreadful Dragon. Can the world’s worst Viking persuade a dreadful dragon to help him win the Shetland Fire Festival competition? We can’t wait to find out.



…so, there you have it! Kelpies 2019: Part 1, in a nut-shell (a large one).

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