Slugboy’s Slugs Have Escaped!

slug-upsetSlugboy Saves the World jacket coverYou may not have heard of Slugboy, Scotland’s worst superhero. Thanks to an unfortunately tasty-looking radioactive slug, eleven-year-old Murdo Macleod now has two pretty unique superpowers: the first is sliding up walls. Quite slowly. The second is secreting slippery slime from his skin. (Yes, just as disgusting as it sounds.)

It’s a world where superhero competition is fierce, and Slugboy is so underrated he doesn’t even make the list when an evil mastermind devises a plan to capture all the other superheroes.

Now, Slugboy has to use his not-so-super and oh-so-gross abilities to free the other superheroes and save the world.

The Great Slug Hunt

Unfortunately, Slugboy has let his collection of pet slugs get away from him. They’re causing chaos on the Kelpies website, not to mention Facebook and Twitter! We need your help to round up the last of the slugs in an epic slughunt, and there are some signed copies of Slugboy Saves the World in it for randomly selected slughunters.

If you spot a slug on our website, Facebook page, or Twitter, simply send us a screenshot on Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #SlugHunt (and don’t forget to follow or like us!) to be entered into the draw.

Happy slug-hunting!

Slugboy Saves the World by Mark A. Smith won the Kelpies Prize 2015 and is available now!

PS If you fancy your chances with the Kelpies Prize, you may want to join our #AskAKidsEditor Twitter chat on Wednesday 16 November. Visit our blog post for all the details.