Meet the Spellchasers team!

You’re on a quest to lift your curse. You’ve just been surrounded by the grey men of Ben Macdui. You need someone to help you escape. Who would you choose for your Spellchasers team?

Would it be Molly, Innes, Beth, Atacama, or the mysterious toad?

Each member of the Spellchasers team has unique skills and strengths, as well as being a different species! Who do you think would be best in helping you combat cursed-hatched crows and vanquish villains?

Take a look at our Spellchasers team profiles to help you choose.

The Spellchasers team

spellchasers team molly

Species: Human, part-time hare

Strengths: speed (when a hare), fast learner, leadership skills

Weaknesses: limited shapeshifting control, lack of magical knowledge

How to recognise: short brown hair, long ears

Age of curse (at start of workshop): 2 days

Quote: “Being a hare for a wee while is fine, so long as I don’t meet a fox or a greyhound. But thinking it would never end was horrible.”

spellchasers team innes

Species: Kelpie (water-horse)

Strengths: Shapeshifting, speed, strength, bravery, loyalty (but to whom?)

Weaknesses: recklessness, short temper

How to recognise: blond hair, white mane, green tentacles

Age of curse (at start of workshop): one year

Quote: “You are my prisoner, defeated by my hooves, in my circle, under my power. You will answer my questions.”

spellchasers team beth

Species: Dryad (tree-spirit)

Strengths: Controlling wood, communicating with trees, strong principles

Weaknesses: rigid and conservative attitude to magic

How to recognise: Purple hair, green eyes, black clothes, silver jewellery

Age of curse (at start of workshop): more than 300 years

Quote: “When I enter the trees’ world, I see what they see. And they see dark-magic users growing rotten inside…”

spellchasers team atacama

Species: Sphinx

Strengths: wisdom, calmness, claws

Weaknesses: conflicting loyalties

How to recognise: cat’s body, human face, long tail, small wings – all black

Age of curse (at start of workshop): 1 week

Quote: “I don’t want you to hurt them. But I can’t let you through unless you answer my riddle.”

spellchasers team toad

Species: Toad/Unknown

Strengths: mysteriously fast outhouse building

Weaknesses: can’t speak, or write, or solve riddles

How to recognise: Warty skin, sand-coloured, big eyes, crawls rather than hops

Age of curse (at start of workshop): unknown

Quote: “Croak”

 spellchasers footprints


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Spellchasers team Innes Spellchasers team Beth Spellchasers team Atacama

Spellchasers team Molly Spellchasers team toad

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The Shapeshifter's Guide to Running AwayThe Shapeshifter’s Guide to Running Away, the second book in Lari Don’s Spellchasers trilogy is available now. Look out for The Witch’s Guide to Magical Combat, the dramatic final book in the trilogy, coming Autumn 2017.

Have you missed Molly and the team’s adventures so far? Catch up in The Beginner’s Guide to Curses.

Spellchasers: The Magical New Trilogy by Lari Don

Spellchasers Book 1: The Beginner's Guide to Curses5 Things You Need to Know About Spellchasers

We spoke to Lari Don, author of the Fabled Beast Chronicles, Rocking Horse War and now The Beginner’s Guide to Curses, to find out what you need to know about her new Spellchasers trilogy.

How long have you been working on this new trilogy?

I scribbled down an interesting question about magic when I was editing Storm Singing, about five years ago, then that question suddenly became a whole living idea four years ago. I started turning that idea into the book – The Beginner’s Guide To Curses – three years ago. And I realised I was writing a trilogy two years ago! (Writing is a long process…)


Are these books related to the Fabled Beast Chronicles?

The idea for the magical problem in the Spellchasers trilogy rose directly out of one line in a Fabled Beast Chronicles book, but there aren’t any FBC characters in the trilogy. There are lots of other fabled beasts though! And I’ve deliberately set this adventure in a part of Scotland that Helen, Yann and their friends didn’t visit in their travels. (Speyside, where I grew up.)

Tell us about some of the characters!

The first character you’ll meet is a girl called Molly, who’s just been cursed to turn into a hare at inconvenient times (like when she’s being chased by a greyhound…) Molly enrolls on a curse-lifting workshop, where she meets a boy called Innes, who’s not always a boy; a girl called Beth, who’s quite rude and has purple hair; a large black cat with wings, who’s called Atacama; and a toad. (No-one knows what the toad is called. Not even me.) There are also witches, crows and wyrms… And that’s just the first book. There will be new characters and new dangers in each of the other two books as well!

Will there be a happy ending?

You’ll have to read it to find out!

Somehow we knew that would be your answer…

The Spellchasers Trilogy

The Beginner’s Guide to Curses is just the start of the story. Look out for The Shapeshifter’s Guide to Running Away and The Witch’s Guide to Magical Combat next year!