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The Magic Word

Lari Don
Claire Keay


Range: Picture Kelpies Paperback 32 pages colour illustrations 230 x 265 mm ISBN: 9780863159954 Publication date: 19th September 2013
Genre: Humour Ideal for ages: 3, 4, 5 and 6
It's going to take Catriona FOREVER to finish her thank you notes. She'll NEVER be able to play with her birthday presents. UnlessÂ…

Catriona stirs up a magical solution with some special ingredients. When has the magic word ever caused this much colourful chaos?

Another hilarious story from award-winning author Lari Don.


'Brilliant! Every now and then you read a lovely story with a refreshingly new (yet somehow familiar) angle and tale to tell. The Magic Word is one of those ... Funny, colourful, magical and quirky, this is a book for keeps.'
-- Early Years Educator

'Children will delight in this amusing book. I loved the humour created by the messages the pencils write, and the way the drawings completely fill the page. Don manages to comically convey the message that hard work is ultimately more rewarding than taking a short cut.'
-- The School Librarian

'... a typically fun Lari Don story... I love the fact that Catriona just guesses at the magic ingredients and words and that she is actually successful. Only in Lari's world could this happen!'
-- Lothian Life

'Children will enjoy laughing at the mess Catriona makes, but all ends well... Some lessons in perseverance and politeness here, as well as a whole lot of fun.'
-- Anabel Marsh, Anabel's Children's Literature Blog

'This airy cautionary tale will draw young listeners in with its appealing illustrations as Catriona realizes that thank-you notes aren't so bad after all.'
-- Kirkus

Magic Word


Lari Don has worked in politics and broadcasting, but is now a full-time writer and storyteller. She grew up in the north-east of Scotland, and lives in Edinburgh. She is the author of more than 20 children’s books for all ages from picture books and…

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Claire Keay is an artist and illustrator based in Essex in England. Claire has illustrated four previous children’s books, including three Picture Kelpies: Thistle Street, Thistle Sands and The Magic Word. She also illustrates greeting cards and sells her paintings worldwide.

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