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Features for Teachers: Jacobite Songs

Posted on 17/07/19 in Features for Teachers, Fun Stuff

  Many songs have been written about the Jacobites and Bonnie Prince Charlie, both at the time of the Risings and afterwards, in Gaelic, Scots an …

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A Tour of Scotland in Stories

Posted on 04/07/19 in Extract, Folk and Fairy Tales, Theresa Breslin

We all know that Scotland is full of stories. It’s not surprising, really; the rugged mountains, mysterious lochs and impressive castles make the perf …

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Thorfinn the Nicest Viking: What’s Your Dragon Name?

Posted on 12/04/19 in Fun Stuff

The dragon sighed, a long, sad sigh full of misery. “I am no longer the Grrreat Dragon. I’m jussst plain old Hazel.” “Hazel?” asked Thorfinn. “Hazel w …

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Thorfinn the Nicest Viking: Dragon Care Top Tips

Posted on 12/04/19 in Fun Stuff

Vikings far and wide are travelling to Scotland’s Shetland Islands for the great Fire Festival where they’ll compete to become the ultimate champion b …

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Outcasts: Sneak Peek

Posted on 19/03/19 in Books, Claire McFall, Extract

She had a stitch in her side and her legs were burning, but Dylan barely noticed. Her every thought was focused on Tristan running in front of her, an …

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Not Your Typical Unicorns…

Posted on 21/02/19 in Books, Fun Stuff

The unicorns of Lindsay Littleson’s latest middle grade novel are not your typical unicorns. Wild, dangerous, and hunted almost to extinction, read on …

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Features for Teachers: Guardians of the Wild Unicorns

Posted on 13/02/19 in Features for Teachers

Are you looking for rewarding reading resources that your pupils will relish? Then why not try this great resource pack for Guardians of the Wild Unic …

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Meet the Animal Adventure Club

Meet the Animal Adventure Club!

Posted on 08/02/19 in Books, Fun Stuff

If there’s a wild animal in trouble, the Animal Adventure Club is here to help! Isla, Buzz, Gracie and new girl Lexi love animals, and they love helpi …

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Floris Books and Historic Environment Scotland announce a new collaboration. Image from Little Explorers: Scottish Castles

Floris Books and Historic Environment Scotland team up!

Posted on 28/01/19 in Books

  We’re thrilled to announce that Floris Books is collaborating with Scottish history experts Historic Environment Scotland to publish a brillian …

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New Year: New Kelpies!

Posted on 01/01/19 in Books, What We've Been Up To

Gooooood morning 2019! We can’t quite believe we’re here again already, but we have a whole new list of Kelpies coming to bookshelves near you in the …

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