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The Spellbinding Secret of Avery Buckle

Hannah Foley


Also available as: Paperback

Range: Kelpies eBook 208 pages ISBN: 9781782506515 Publication date: 18th March 2021
Avery Buckle has always been different: part girl, part cat, and entirely confused about where she really belongs. But it turns out her tail isn't her biggest secret…

Plunged into an extraordinary world of witches, enchanted libraries and fantastical creatures, Avery discovers only she can stop a dark force from being unleashed.

But with a powerful enemy on her tail, can Avery save the magical world and find out who she really is?


'This is our favourite read of the year, so far – a fast-paced, magical adventure that takes readers to iconic settings in the company of characters who are memorable, endearing, and so much fun!
There are so many lovely touches to this story, from a flying tandem named Sparrow, to Orkney’s fiddle-playing stone giants, and even its darker elements are exposed with a gentle touch (which we value, having read several too-scary stories recently). There is a delicious shiver of danger that keeps us turning pages, but it never creeps into nightmare.
The Spellbinding Secret of Avery Buckle is a tale about courage, friendship and belonging. While lost in its pages, we felt we belonged with Avery and her extraordinary companions, and certainly hope to be spending time with them again before too long.
-- Roaring Reads

'Hannah Foley’s story of unforgettable friendship and finding out who you really are whether you’re a cat or not, is the best adventure of them all. From dragons to trolls and every magical creature in between, this is a fascinating tale that will have you racing through the fast-paced action and laughing along with Avery and Low as they find themselves involved in one fantastical escapade after another.'
-- Sarah Broadley, My Book Corner

'Incorporating legends, prophesies, and a diverse assortment of characters, this story will draw readers in, allowing them to experience it almost as though it can be viewed directly. Cinematic sequences make the story come alive and capture the attention of readers of all ages...
A fanciful story of friendship and self-discovery, this book will be especially enjoyed by middle grade readers with an interest in fantasy and Scottish folklore. Its pacing and delivery are well executed, pulling readers along until the final page is turned. This is a delightful addition to libraries for confident middle grade readers.'
-- Mary R. Lanni (Librarian, blogger)

Spellbinding Secret of Avery Buckle


Hannah Foley grew up in Devon and worked as a registered nurse for a number of years before returning to school to study illustration at Edinburgh College of Art. She is now a freelance illustrator living in Devon, illustrating for children, young people and families…

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