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  • Haki the Shetland Pony

    Kathleen Fidler


    Haki and his owner Adam leave their croft in the Shetland Islands of Scotland and join a travelling circus. A[...]

  • Harris the Hero

    A Puffin's Adventure

    Lynne Rickards
    Gabby Grant


    Harris the puffin helps a lost baby seal, with help from some other animal friends. Brilliant rhyming text carries this[...]

  • Hello Scottish Animals

    Kate McLelland


    A lively, colourful introduction to Scotland’s most famous animals, full of bright and fun illustrations from bestselling illustrator Kate McLelland.

  • Hide-and-Seek Hettie

    The Highland Cow Who Can't Hide!

    Jo Allan


    A new story starring Hettie the mischievous Highland cow. Hettie’s attempts to avoid a bath lead to a hilarious game[...]

  • How to Make a Heron Happy

    Lari Don
    Nicola O’Byrne


    The heron in Hamish’s park always looks sad and grumpy. Hamish tries lots of ways to cheer it up: will[...]

  • Hungry Hettie

    The Highland Cow Who Won't Stop Eating!

    Jo Allan


    Hettie the Highland cow is always hungry, so Callum and Kirsty bring her lots to eat — porridge, sandwiches, shortbread,[...]

  • Isla and Pickle: Best Friends

    Best Friends

    Kate McLelland


    Isla and Pickle, the adorable miniature Shetland pony, are best friends. Can Isla convince Dad Pickle should be her pet?[...]

  • Isla and Pickle: The Highland Show

    The Highland Show

    Kate McLelland


    Can best friends Isla and Pickle, the adorable miniature Shetland pony, win the Perfect Pony competition at the Highland Show?[...]