The Ghostly Piper of Edinburgh Castle

There have always been rumours of an ancient underground tunnel leading from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace. In olden days, when Scotland was at war, this would have been a useful escape for the Queen or King when Edinburgh was attacked. But there are many passages under Edinburgh, and the route of this special secret one was lost. Legend tells us that a piper was sent down to find the way through…

Robbie was a piper.

He could play the pipes before he could climb out of his cradle. He could play the pipes before he could say a sentence. He could play the pipes before he could walk a single step. And so Robbie grew up to be the best piper in the whole of Edinburgh.

Robbie the Piper

When Robbie played tunes on his bagpipes, everyone stopped to listen. His music made them want to sing and dance and laugh with joy.

The Queen of Faeryland

The King of Scotland asked him to be Edinburgh’s official piper and stand on the highest point of the Castle Rock to play. Every day Robbie blew his pipes so strongly that the soldiers guarding the castle, the people strolling on the Royal Mile and the monarch in Holyrood Palace heard him.

And, in the Other World across on Calton Hill, the Folk of Faeryland heard him too…

Discover the rest of the story in An Illustrated Treasury of Scottish Castle Legends by Theresa Breslin and Kate Leiper.

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