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Museum Mystery Squad and the Case of the Curious Coins

Mike Nicholson
Mike Phillips


Also available as: eBook

Range: Young Kelpies Paperback 128 pages 50 b/w illustrations 197 x 158 mm ISBN: 9781782503637 Publication date: 20 July 2017

Case File
Case of the Curious Coins

Coins are appearing on the floor overnight

The coins seem to have been stolen, but who steals money and then leaves it behind?

Thief only cared about bank notes. Who needs pennies?
Colin nibbled through the thief's bag. There's a hole in this theory!
Thief is really clumsy. This one is tripping us up!
So... what next?

If only we could programme a robot to catch a thief.

On the case:
Nabster, Kennedy and Laurie (and Colin the hamster!)

Museum Mystery Squad and the Case of the Curious Coins


Mike Nicholson won the Kelpies Prize 2005 for new Scottish writing for children with his first novel for children, Catscape. He’s also the author of children’s novel Grimm and three Scottish picture books, Thistle Street, Thistle Sands and Thistle Games, which celebrate Scots words. He…

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Mike Phillips is the illustrator of many children’s books including the Horrible Histories: Gruesome Guides and the Horrible Geography series.

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