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The Sky Beneath the Stone Blog Tour

Posted on 02/03/22 in Books, Fun Stuff

Ivy North is an adventurer and expert map reader, who can pitch a tent in four minutes flat. There’s just one problem. She’s afraid to go outside. Whe …

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The Sky Beneath the Stone Poster

Posted on 14/02/22 in Books, Features for Teachers, Fun Stuff

Looking for something to brighten up your classroom, library or child’s bedroom? Download our free, printable The Sky Beneath the Stone poster, featur …

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The Sky Beneath the Stone Map

Posted on 14/02/22 in Books, Fun Stuff

Discover Underfell! Ivy North is an adventurer and expert map reader who can pitch a tent in four minutes flat. There’s just one problem. She’s afraid …

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Are you Brave? Discover our Spooky Reads!

Posted on 29/10/21 in Alex Nye, Folk and Fairy Tales, Fun Stuff, Gill Arbuthnott, Lari Don

Do you like scary stories? We do! Delve into our range of spooky reads, perfect for middle-grade readers (with something for younger readers thrown in …

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Secrets of the Last Merfolk: Video Extract

Posted on 26/07/21 in Books, Extract, Fun Stuff, Video

“They gave you the box, they gave me the key. The merfolk exist, and they want us to find them…” In the quiet seaside town of Dunlyre, new friends F …

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Features for Teachers: Velda the Awesomest Viking

Posted on 28/05/21 in Extract, Features for Teachers, Fun Stuff, Launches and Events

Are you ready for an AWESOME adventure? Well, ARE YOU? Velda is a small girl with a BIG axe, and a BIGGER attitude! Join her on her quest as she makes …

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Velda’s Viking Longship Name Generator

Posted on 06/05/21 in Fun Stuff

Like Velda and The Mangy Mutt, every awesome Viking needs a longship name that will make all enemies wet their pants. Velda’s Viking Longship Name Gen …

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How to Make a Book

Posted on 27/08/20 in Features for Teachers, Fun Stuff

Have you ever wondered how a book gets made? Our friends at Bell & Bain printers sent us this brilliant video of An Amazing Animal Atlas of Scotla …

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The Baby Red Squirrel Rescue Activities

Posted on 07/08/20 in Features for Teachers, Fun Stuff

The Animal Adventure Club, Isla, Buzz, Gracie and Lexi are always keen to learn more about the environment and the wildlife around them. Michelle Sloa …

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Kelpies Video Library

Posted on 05/06/20 in Books, Fun Stuff

On this page, you will find an alphabetical list of video content related to Kelpies books, available for free online. If you are an educator looking …

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Find Your Local Unicorn

Posted on 27/03/20 in Books, Fun Stuff, Lari Don

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Scotland, a young prince lost his smile. No one could help Prince Donald find his smile until his friend Hana, the …

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Thorfinn the Nicest Viking: Piebald’s Potion Maker

Posted on 19/03/20 in Fun Stuff

In the latest prank-playing, turnip-mashing, bunny-kidnapping adventure, Thorfinn the nicest Viking must find a cure for Chief Harald, who has been po …

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Awesome Scottish Castles map

Posted on 11/02/20 in Fun Stuff

Scotland is home to over one thousand castles! Hover over the picture of each castle for a fun fact, and click to find out more on Historic Environmen …

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Animal Adventure Club: Otter Fact File

Posted on 09/08/19 in Books, Fun Stuff

How much do you know about otters? The Animal Adventure Club learned lots about these fascinating creatures in their latest adventure, The Baby Otter …

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A Super Scotland Doodle Activity Pack

Posted on 26/07/19 in Extract, Fun Stuff, Susana Gurrea

  Visiting Scotland this summer? Looking for rainy-day activities to keep the children entertained? A Super Scotland Doodle Book is a must-have f …

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Features for Teachers: Jacobite Songs

Posted on 17/07/19 in Features for Teachers, Fun Stuff

  Many songs have been written about the Jacobites and Bonnie Prince Charlie, both at the time of the Risings and afterwards, in Gaelic, Scots an …

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Thorfinn the Nicest Viking: What’s Your Dragon Name?

Posted on 12/04/19 in Fun Stuff

The dragon sighed, a long, sad sigh full of misery. “I am no longer the Grrreat Dragon. I’m jussst plain old Hazel.” “Hazel?” asked Thorfinn. “Hazel w …

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Thorfinn the Nicest Viking: Dragon Care Top Tips

Posted on 12/04/19 in Fun Stuff

Vikings far and wide are travelling to Scotland’s Shetland Islands for the great Fire Festival where they’ll compete to become the ultimate champion b …

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Not Your Typical Unicorns…

Posted on 21/02/19 in Books, Fun Stuff

The unicorns of Lindsay Littleson’s latest middle grade novel are not your typical unicorns. Wild, dangerous, and hunted almost to extinction, read on …

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Meet the Animal Adventure Club

Meet the Animal Adventure Club!

Posted on 08/02/19 in Books, Fun Stuff

If there’s a wild animal in trouble, the Animal Adventure Club is here to help! Isla, Buzz, Gracie and new girl Lexi love animals, and they love helpi …

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Kelpies for Christmas

Posted on 06/12/18 in Books, Christmas, Fun Stuff, What We've Been Up To

On the hunt for the ideal Kelpie to gift at Christmas this year? The season has well and truly landed here at Kelpies HQ (the tree’s up and everything …

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Which Norse Deity are you?

Which Norse Deity are You?

Posted on 23/11/18 in Fun Stuff

With the latest adventure from the Museum Mystery Squad published this week, we’ve been getting excited about all things Vikings! The Vikings worshipp …

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Announcing the winners of the Map My Monster Competition…

Posted on 22/07/18 in Fun Stuff, Lari Don, Treasure of the Loch Ness Monster

To celebrate the publication of Lari Don’s latest terrific traditional tale, The Treasure of the Loch Ness Monster, Kelpies HQ have run our Map My Mon …

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Football Tips and Tricks with Scotland Stars F.C.

Posted on 03/07/18 in Authors, Danny Scott, Fun Stuff

Learn some new skills for the World Cup with the help of Calum and his friends. Discover the Scotland Stars F.C. books by author and football fanatic …

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Join #PickleOnTour with Kate McLelland

Posted on 18/06/18 in Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff, Guest posts, Isla & Pickle, Kate McLelland

It’s official – our favourite Shetland pony is back! Today is the first stop on Kate McLelland’s blog tour, which is celebrating the return of Isla an …

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#FlorisDesign meets Melanie Mitchell

Posted on 15/06/18 in Design and Illustration, Guest posts, Illustrators, Melanie Mitchell, Three Craws

Sung throughout Scottish homes up and down the country, classic rhymes and traditional tunes make for fun, interactive stoytime sessions. Some of them …

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Wee Granny’s Guide to Pirate Lingo

Posted on 31/05/18 in Fun Stuff, Wee Granny

Get ready for excitement and surprises as Wee Granny (Scotland’s very own Mary Poppins!) and her magic tartan bag set off on another adventure. This t …

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#FlorisDesign meets Sandra Klaassen

Posted on 26/04/18 in Design and Illustration, Flash the Sheep Dog, Haki the Shetland Pony, Illustrators, Sandra Klaassen

A leopard may never change his spots, but a cover can change many times in the lifetime of a book. At Kelpies HQ our Kelpies Classics collection have …

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#FlorisDesign meets Nataša Ilinčić

Posted on 01/04/18 in Design and Illustration, Nataša Ilinčić, Treasure of the Loch Ness Monster

There have been enough stories, claimed sightings and tall tales about the Loch Ness Monster to fill the famous loch itself. But as an illustrator how …

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Quiz: How much do you know about Arthur Conan Doyle?

Posted on 22/03/18 in Fun Stuff

Put your detective skills to the test! Are these fun facts about Arthur Conan Doyle true or false? SaFind out more about the creator of Sherlock Holme …

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Ruby McCracken’s Guide to Christmas

Posted on 08/12/17 in Fun Stuff, Ruby McCracken

Hi guys, Ruby McCracken here. As I get ready to spend another Christmas in the Ordinary World, I thought I’d explain some of the weird Ord customs to …

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Illustrating Children’s Crime Fiction

Posted on 16/10/17 in Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff, Guest posts, Illustrators, Top-Secret Grandad and Me, Uncategorized

In our latest #FlorisDesign interview we spoke to Spanish illustrator, Laura Aviñó, about illustrating children’s crime fiction in David MacPhail’s ne …

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#FlorisDesign meets Susana Gurrea

Posted on 15/08/17 in A Super Scotland Sticker Book, Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff, Susana Gurrea

In our latest #FlorisDesign interview we spoke to Spanish illustrator, Susana Gurrea, about her experience of illustrating the first ever Kelpies stic …

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Ally Bally Bee #FlorisDesign Kathryn Selbert

#FlorisDesign meets Kathryn Selbert

Posted on 01/08/17 in Ally Bally Bee, Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff, Illustrators, Kathryn Selbert, Traditional Scottish Tunes

To many Scots, the Coulter’s Candy tune is often sung yet rarely seen. Floris Books is changing that with a new board book inspired by the quintessent …

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Max and Zap at the Museum

Books to Bring History Alive!

Posted on 26/07/17 in Books, Fun Stuff

History is fascinating and visiting a museum or historical location is a great way to fill up a rainy day over the school holidays. Combining a trip w …

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Design Your Own Robot with the Museum Mystery Squad

Posted on 20/07/17 in Features for Teachers, Fun Stuff

Some people think that museums are boring places full of glass cases, dust and stuff no one cares about: wrong! In a hidden headquarters below the exh …

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#FlorisDesign meets Nastasha Rimmington

Posted on 30/06/17 in Design and Illustration

#FlorisDesign got chatting to Stirling-based illustrator, Natasha Rimmington, the artist behind our new Picture Kelpie Max and Zap at the Museum. Duri …

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#FlorisDesign Kate McLelland

#FlorisDesign meets Kate McLelland

Posted on 19/06/17 in Design and Illustration, Kate McLelland

From wee lassies to midgies and nessies, Kate McLelland has illustrated many Kelpies books. Now she’s launching a new picture book series about a chee …

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#FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview – Alfredo Belli

Posted on 16/04/17 in Design and Illustration

Today is the 270th anniversary of the Battle of Culloden. Based on the famous Skye Boat Song, and with stunning illustrations by Alfredo Belli, new pi …

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Porridge the Tartan Cat and the Brawsome Bagpipes

A Deadly Giant Clootie Dumpling: Top Secret Recipe

Posted on 11/04/17 in Alan Dapre, Fun Stuff, Porridge the Tartan Cat

We’ve got our hands on the SUPER-SECRET plans of Fergus McFungus, Gadget Grandad’s arch enemy! Rumour has it that these top-secret plans can make a ra …

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#FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview – Vanya Nastanlieva

Posted on 05/04/17 in Design and Illustration

The Island and the Bear by Louise Greig is one of our latest Picture Kelpies published this Spring. The book is inspired by a true story that has sinc …

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Hidden Hieroglyphics Puzzle Time!

Posted on 20/03/17 in Features for Teachers, Fun Stuff

Egyptian hieroglyphics don’t have an alphabet like ours. Hieroglyphics can be symbols, or pictures of animals, people or objects. Some are easy to fig …

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What’s your ideal dinosaur pet?

Posted on 15/03/17 in Fun Stuff

Dinosaurs are great, right? They’d make much better pets than a boring hamster (though I suspect Colin would disagree with you on that one…) But whi …

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Our Favourite Feisty Females!

Posted on 08/03/17 in Fun Stuff

We’re really lucky here at Kelpies HQ. We get to work with loads of amazing and inspiring women both in reality and in the worlds created by our autho …

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My First Scottish Feature Image

‘My First Scottish…’ – from brainwave to book

Posted on 07/03/17 in Design and Illustration, Kate McLelland

Have you ever wondered how a board book is created? Perhaps not! After all, it can’t be that difficult to make a board book, can it? We caught up with …

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#FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Yuliya Somina

Posted on 08/02/17 in Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff

Today #FlorisDesign is talking to Yuliya Somina, illustrator of our new Young Kelpies series, Porridge the Tartan Cat, penned by Alan Dapre. Featuring …

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Introducing the Floris Design and Production Team

Posted on 27/01/17 in Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff, Uncategorized

The Design and Production team members at Floris Books are a key part of the publishing process. They are responsible for taking a manuscript and tran …

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A Very Kelpie Christmas

Posted on 25/11/16 in Fun Stuff

It’s almost Christmas morning, and all over the world children will soon be rushing to open their presents. But have you ever wondered what your favou …

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Slugboy’s Slugs Have Escaped!

Posted on 20/10/16 in Fun Stuff

You may not have heard of Slugboy, Scotland’s worst superhero. Thanks to an unfortunately tasty-looking radioactive slug, eleven-year-old Murdo Macleo …

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Floris Design: Behind the Scenes with Thorfinn the Nicest Viking

Posted on 21/07/16 in Design and Illustration

Today the #FlorisDesign team will be taking a look behind the scenes at some early sketches of Thorfinn-the-Very-VERY-Nice-Indeed. Thorfinn is the pol …

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Meet the Floris Design team!

Posted on 29/06/16 in Design and Illustration

The design and production team at Floris Books are a key part of the publishing process. They are responsible for taking a manuscript and transforming …

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Creating Characters in Illustrated Children’s Books – #FlorisDesign

Posted on 23/05/16 in Design and Illustration

With wacky expressions, silly quirks and heartfelt encounters, we know that characterisation brings personality to the page. At Floris, we think that …

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Have a sneaky peek at one of our spookiest #SpookyReads!

Posted on 28/10/14 in Alex Nye, Authors, Books, Chill, Extract, Fun Stuff

One of our favourite things to do when it’s cold, wet and windy outside is to curl up somewhere warm and comfortable with a good book. And with Hallow …

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Are you #TeamThor or #TeamLoki? Vote today on Discover Kelpies!

Posted on 24/10/14 in Fun Stuff, Robert J Harris, Thor is Locked in my Garage

We do like a Norse god here at DiscoverKelpies Towers, which is why we LOVE Robert J. Harris’ hilarious adventures The Day The World Went Loki and Tho …

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#FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Si Clark

Posted on 01/10/14 in Design and Illustration, E. B. Colin, Fun Stuff, Pyrate's Boy

Illustrator of… A few weeks ago, the team here at Discover Kelpies were thrilled to announce that three (yes, THREE!) of our lovely titles had been …

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Clip clop CRASH! Yann and the Fabled Beasts gang are taking over DiscoverKelpies for a day!

Posted on 26/09/14 in First Aid for Fairies, Fun Stuff, Lari Don

Good morning Kelpies fans! We found this very mysterious blog waiting for us when we arrived at DiscoverKelpies Towers so of course we had to share it …

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#FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Philip Longson

Posted on 24/09/14 in Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff, Lari Don

Illustrator of…For the last three weeks we’ve dedicated our #FlorisDesign take-overs to showcasing our wonderfully talented Traditional Scottish Tal …

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Illustrator interview with Ruchi Mhasane

#FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Ruchi Mhasane

Posted on 17/09/14 in Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff, Janis Mackay

Illustrator of… Last Wednesday we introduced you to the first of our Traditional Scottish Tales illustrators, Matthew Land – illustrator of Theresa …

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#FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Matthew Land

Posted on 10/09/14 in Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff

Illustrator of… With the release date of our stunning Traditional Scottish Tales just around the corner, we thought you might like to meet the illus …

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#FlorisDesign Illustrator Questionnaire: Luke Newell

Posted on 03/09/14 in Alex McCall, Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff, Kelpies Prize 2013

Illustrator of… It’s been just over a year since Luke Newell began to design his eggs-cellent cover for Alex McCall’s Kelpies Prize-winning Attack o …

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#FlorisDesign Illustrator Questionnaire: Astrid Jaekel

Posted on 13/08/14 in Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff

Illustrator of… Last summer Astrid became the very first winner of our very first Kelpies Design & Illustration Prize, and what a winner she was! …

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Illustrator interview with Kirsteen Harris-Jones

#FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Kirsteen Harris-Jones

Posted on 30/07/14 in Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff

Kirsteen Harris-Jones is the illustrator of…   Kirsteen illustrated her first Picture Kelpies book, No Such Thing as Nessie!, back in 2013 for Ch …

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#FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Nicola L. Robinson

Posted on 23/07/14 in Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff

Illustrator of… Nicola has been illustrating covers for our Kelpies range for the last 5 years and we’re thrilled that she’s agreed to give us a pea …

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#FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Leah McDowell

Posted on 16/07/14 in Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff

Illustrator of… Leah has been illustrating Kelpies for nearly three years now and has stacked up an awesome variety of fun, spooky and sinister cove …

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Floris Design & Production team workspace

Meet the Design and Production team here at DiscoverKelpies!

Posted on 02/07/14 in Fun Stuff

Hello everyone! As some of you may have noticed, last Wednesday the Floris Books Design and Production team stormed the marketing office and declared …

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Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens

Greetings from the Brotherhood of the Egg

Posted on 20/02/14 in Fun Stuff

Breaking news, live from the DiscoverKelpies coop in deepest, darkest Edinburgh. Fowl play was suspected this morning at the newly renamed Hatching Ga …

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Hedgehog Heroes

Posted on 21/12/11 in Fun Stuff

Do you know how to look after the hedgehogs that live in your garden? Our friends at The British Hedgehog Preservation Society and the PTES (that stan …

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Happy New Year!!

Posted on 01/01/11 in Fun Stuff

Happy New Year from everyone at Discover Kelpies. After lovely Christmas holidays we are all back at our desks getting new Kelpies ready for the new y …

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