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Museum Mystery Squad and the Case of the Moving Mammoth

Mike Nicholson
Mike Phillips


Also available as: Paperback

Range: Young Kelpies eBook 128 pages 50 b/w illustrations ISBN: 9781782503934 Publication date: 16th March 2017
Stuffed mammoth appears to have moved at night

Mammoth = extinct (dead as a dodo) = can't move
Mammoth (see above)
T-Rex (I don't think so)
Gus the security guard (not Gus!)
So... who?

Answer: ??? Find out

On the case: Nabster, Kennedy and Laurie+ Colin (the hamster!)


'This is a fast--paced and entertaining story... all in all, very enjoyable, with a surprising, and explosive, ending.'
-- Carousel

'... there is a clear desire to celebrate museums as spaces of imagination and learning. There is a very interesting interplay between text and image in the book, as the story is interposed by numerous illustrations, graphs and quizzes that... make the book very visually stimulating.'
-- Armadillo

'I just finished reading both books -- they are so much fun!'
-- Ms Kirke Kook, Manager and Curator, Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum

'There is so much to love about this book. A quick shout out for those with dyslexic children the font and spacing is good as is the creamy pages... A great story and characters, lots of hands on interaction/involvement, fun illustrations, terrible jokes and a great read.'
-- Bookworm (indie bookshop, Selkirk)

'... a satisfying book. The characters are unique, intelligent, and likable. The museum setting is exciting and fun. The mystery itself is solvable by young readers without being obvious. There is also plenty of humour... This is an excellent and refreshing new mystery series for young readers.'
-- Manhattan Book Review

' The book is fun and enjoyable.'
-- Youth Services Book Review

'It made me laugh and I really enjoyed the facts and I think the second one sounds like it will be really good.'
-- Mairin, age 7 years

'Due to dyslexia ... picking up a book is something that Jonah considers to be hard work. That is until ... he read 'Mammoth'. We had begun to read it together before he went to sleep but he couldn't wait for the story to end and so continued to read on his own!... Within a few nights the book was finished and Jonah asked if we could buy the other book in the series. Completing a book on his own was a real confident boost to Jonah and he genuinely found the whole experience to be great fun.'
-- Parent of Jonah, age 9 years

'My 7yr old loves to read... She loved the museum mysteries... Her imagination has been gripped [...] All in these books have become a loved part of Anna's book shelves. Perfect for her age group. A page turner she can enjoy on her own with some words and phrases she'd not come across before to challenge her.'
-- Parent of Anna, age 7 years

'Grace absolutely loved them and devoured each one [Books 1 and 2] in a day. The characters and the plot really captured her imagination and she really enjoyed the way that facts were interspersed throughout (she loves a good fact!) The games and quizzes at the back were a big hit too.'
-- Parent of Grace, age 8 years

Museum Mystery Squad and the Case of the Moving Mammoth


Mike Nicholson won the Kelpies Prize 2005 for new Scottish writing for children with his first novel for children, Catscape. He’s also the author of children’s novel Grimm and three Scottish picture books, Thistle Street, Thistle Sands and Thistle Games, which celebrate Scots words. He…

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Mike Phillips is the illustrator of many children’s books including the Horrible Histories: Gruesome Guides and the Horrible Geography series.

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