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Little Explorers: Skara Brae (Push, Pull and Slide)

Louise Forshaw


Range: Kelpies World Board book 12 pages colour illustrations 215 x 215 mm ISBN: 9781782506324 Publication date: 19th March 2020
Genre: Early Learning Theme: Stone Age Ideal for ages: 1, 2, 3 and 4
Welcome to Skara Brae!
Little explorers will travel back in time over 5,000 years to the world?famous Neolithic village on Scotland’s Orkney Islands.
Catch and cook a fish for dinner, travel through passages to visit friends, build a stone circle – and even uncover the lost village thousands of years later!
Little Explorers: Skara Brae (Push, Pull and Slide)


Louise Forshaw fell in love with drawing at a young age. After a childhood of drawing comics, Louise graduated from Newcastle College, UK, in 2008 with a degree in Illustration and Animation. She is the illustrator of numerous children’s books, including the Busy Books series….

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