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Stirling Castle for Kids

Fun Facts and Amazing Activities

Moreno Chiacchiera


This book is not yet available to buy, but the publication date is listed below.

Range: Kelpies World Paperback 40 pages colour illustrations 240 x 195 mm ISBN: 9781782507116 Publication date: 17th June 2021
Genres: Activities, Historical Theme: Scottish History Ideal for ages: 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

The definitive children’s guide to one of Scotland’s largest and most important castles. The history of Stirling Castle is the history of Scotland, and this fun, fact-packed book tells it all. Readers will:

— Discover why the castle was so important to Scottish heroes William Wallace and Robert the Bruce
— Experience fun and games – spectacular feasts, jousting tournaments and a fierce game of football
— Meet its important royal residents – Mary Queen of Scots and James V – and its quirkiest characters
— Uncover the castle’s gruesome and surprising secrets
— Reveal where unicorns, mermaids and a griffin can be found in Stirling Castle
Mixing brilliant facts and enjoyable activities, Stirling Castle for Kids is the ultimate guide for kids to one of Scotland’s most important castles — whether they’ve visited or not!

Stirling Castle for Kids


Moreno Chiacchiera is a children’s book illustrator from Italy.

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