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The Boy with the Bronze Axe


Also available as: Paperback

Range: Kelpies eBook 176 pages ISBN: 9781782505419 Publication date: 19th April 2018
Kali and Brockan get trapped by the tides one day, while out collecting limpets. Then a mysterious rescuer appears -- a strange boy in a strange boat, carrying a strangely sharp axe. The people of Skara Brae must decide what to do with this boy's new ideas and practices. But as a deadly storm brews, the whole village is plunged into danger.

The daily life and rituals of the ancient Stone Age village of Skara are brought to life in this vivid portrayal of life nearly 3000 years ago.


'This is a fascinating story about a stone-age village on Orkney and their struggle to deal with new technology and ways of thinking. An ideal read for history fans.'
-- Fiona Petrie, Waterstone's Guide to Children's Books

'As stories about the Stone Age communities are not that plentiful, teachers of the Y3 UK new national curriculum might struggle to find something that will appeal. This is a good story about Skara Brae and the changes that affect a community as it moves from one type of culture base to another. It is not a 'horrible history' type of book but a genuine fiction that children enjoy following. Thumbs up from Year 3 so far!'
-- Teacher review (via

'10 to 14-year-olds will get excited about The Boy With the Bronze Axe, set in prehistoric times.'
-- Greenock Telegraph, June 2005

'A brilliant story.'
-- Jack, age 8, Education Otherwise

'A classic children's tale -- a new generation of readers will enjoy this story.'
-- The Scots Magazine, June 2005

'I work at Skara Brae here in Orkney and my most frequently asked question is "Do you have The Boy with the Bronze Axe?"'
-- Diana Potter, Skara Brae

'I lived 45 minutes from Skara Brae and read this book as a kid. It's a book that conjures up so many different emotions for a young reader. Four stars.'
-- reader review

'I read this book at the age of 10. It was my first novel about prehistoric times and lead me to buying many more as I got older. Great for children with an interest in archaeology or history. Five stars.'
-- reader review

'Excellent details of prehistoric life are presented. Honor, gratitude and hatred combine to create an interesting read for middle-school students.'
-- reader review

Boy with the Bronze Axe