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Anne Forbes


Range: Kelpies eBook 256 pages ISBN: 9781782500766 Publication date: 29th November 2013
Genre: Fantasy Ideal for ages: 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Dragonfire series
What could possibly send NASA scientists scurrying to a sleepy glen in the Scottish Highlands? Firestar, the heart of all magic, is under attack by a hidden enemy, and both the human and magical worlds are shaken to the core.

As hobgoblins strive to outwit the world’s top
scientists, the Lords of the North try to protect
Firestar. Can Neil, Clara and Lewis help to uncover the real menace and save their magical friends?

The fourth fantastic adventure in the Dragonfire series.


'A captivating and highly imaginitive adventure.Short chapters weave together the different threads of the story making this a substantial and satisfying read.'
-- Mary Crawford, The School Librarian



Anne Forbes was born in Edinburgh and trained as a teacher. In 1966 she moved to Kuwait and worked for many years at an Anglo-American School. She is married with one daughter and now divides her time between homes in Scotland and Kuwait. She is…

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