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Wolf Notes and Other Musical Mishaps

Lari Don


Also available as: Paperback

Range: Kelpies eBook 256 pages ISBN: 9780863158933 Publication date: 14th November 2011
As Helen practises for the Midsummer's Eve concert, the Fabled Beasts are preparing for war.

Helen is excited to be spending her summer at music school, until her fabled beast friends -- a centaur, a dragon and a werewolf -- tell her there's danger lurking in the remote forest.

Helen soon joins the fabled beasts' perilous quest against the evil Faery Queen. She battles with brownies, wrangles with wolves and tries to trick faeries. But will it be enough to help her friends and save herself?


'Teenagers will enjoy this one.'
--The Greenock Telegraph

One of the Top 10 Summer Reads for 2010
--Edinburgh Evening Times

'The plot is pacey, the action scenes are tense and skilfully written, and the tone of the story is an effective blend of brooding threat and warm camaraderie.'
-- Darren Cult, Write Away

Wolf Notes and Other Musical Mishaps


Lari Don has worked in politics and broadcasting, but is now a full-time writer and storyteller. She grew up in the north-east of Scotland, and lives in Edinburgh. She is the author of more than 20 children’s books for all ages from picture books and…

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