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William Wallace

The Battle to Free Scotland

Teresa Martinez


Range: Traditional Scottish Tales Paperback 32 pages colour illustrations 242 x 283 mm ISBN: 9781782506294 Publication date: 20th February 2020
Outlaw warrior William Wallace and his small band of freedom fighters stand against the English invaders of Scotland. But when a huge new army gathers at Stirling Castle determined to wipe out the rebels for good, William faces the battle of a lifetime.

Against overwhelming odds, William must rely on courage and cunning to secure victory. Action-packed, historically detailed and beautifully illustrated, this Traditional Scottish Tale brings to life the story of William Wallace,
one of the great heroes of Scotland’s Wars of Independence, and his famous triumph at the Battle of Stirling Bridge

William Wallace


Teresa Martinez was born and brought up in rural Mexico, moving to Monterrey to go to school. She studied graphic design and painting before becoming a children’s book illustrator.

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