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Robert the Bruce: The King and the Spider

The King and the Spider

Teresa Martinez


This book is not yet available to buy, but the publication date is listed below.

Range: Traditional Scottish Tales Paperback 24 pages colour illustrations 230 x 265 mm ISBN: 9781782505587 Publication date: 21st March 2019
Genres: Historical, Traditional stories Ideal for ages: 4, 5, 6 and 7

Robert the Bruce, king of Scotland, has escaped to lonely exile in a secret cave after a crushing defeat in battle. There, in his darkest moments, he spots a tiny spider trying, and failing, to spin its web.

Inspired by the spider’s determination, the rebel king returns to the fight for Scottish freedom -- and victory at the Battle of Bannockburn.

The much-loved legend of the king and the spider, and Robert the Bruce’s victory in the Scottish Wars of Independence, are beautifully brought to life in historically detailed illustrations.

Robert the Bruce: The King and the Spider


Teresa Martinez was born and brought up in rural Mexico, moving to Monterrey to go to school. She studied graphic design and painting before becoming a children’s book illustrator.

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