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Red Fever Review

Posted on 04/03/2011 in Caroline Clough Red Fever Reviews

Caroline Clough, author of Red Fever, recently received this review of her book which I thought was so brilliant that I just had to blog about it. The best thing is that it is written by a real reader!

‘Hello, I am Greig Torpey and recently read your new book Red Fever. It is a great book and I really enjoyed it. Being able to link with the places in the book as they are located in Aberdeen and being able to visualize the setting really added to the book. Having a good local author is a great luxury.

Not only was the setting a great aspect of the novel, but the storyline was gripping. There was so much happening that I just wanted to keep reading on to find out what was going to happen next; it was a book I just couldn’t put down. Also I felt like I personally knew the characters, as I slowly grew attached to them, and that made the story even more interesting as I couldn’t stop reading because I wanted to find out what happened to the characters.

I hope you are planning on writing a sequel to this fantastic novel, and if you do, I cannot wait to read it.’

by Greig Torpey, aged 15, Aberdeenshire

Thanks for the review, Greig! If you’ve got a review of one of our Kelpies books then email it to us and you could see it appear on this blog!

Posted by: Chani at Discover Kelpies

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