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Are you Brave? Discover our Spooky Reads!

Posted on 29/10/21 in Alex Nye, Folk and Fairy Tales, Fun Stuff, Gill Arbuthnott, Lari Don

Do you like scary stories? We do! Delve into our range of spooky reads, perfect for middle-grade readers (with something for younger readers thrown in …

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Find Your Local Unicorn

Posted on 27/03/20 in Books, Fun Stuff, Lari Don

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Scotland, a young prince lost his smile. No one could help Prince Donald find his smile until his friend Hana, the …

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Guest Post: Searching for Unicorns by Lari Don

Posted on 13/02/20 in Guest posts, Lari Don

Have you ever been surprised by a unicorn? In today’s guest blog, Lari Don explains why Scotland has so many of these mythical creatures… Surprised …

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Announcing the winners of the Map My Monster Competition…

Posted on 22/07/18 in Fun Stuff, Lari Don, Treasure of the Loch Ness Monster

To celebrate the publication of Lari Don’s latest terrific traditional tale, The Treasure of the Loch Ness Monster, Kelpies HQ have run our Map My Mon …

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What are your local monsters?

Posted on 07/05/18 in Authors, Lari Don, Treasure of the Loch Ness Monster

Today on the Discover Kelpies blog we’re delighted to be hosting Lari Don as she makes her first big splash on The Treasure of the Loch Ness Monster b …

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The Treasure of the Loch Ness Monster: Cover Reveal!

Posted on 30/11/17 in Folk and Fairy Tales, Lari Don

Apparently 2017 was a record year for Loch Ness Monster sightings. We predict 2018 will be even better… We’re so excited to reveal the cover for The …

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Lari Don’s Blog Tour – Spellchasers Q and A

Posted on 23/10/17 in Author Interviews, Lari Don, Spellchasers

Today on the Discover Kelpies blog we’re delighted to be hosting Lari Don as she kicks off her spectacular Spellchasers blog tour. Lari Don’s Blog Tou …

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Spellchasers characters

Spellchasers Fan Art Competition: The Winners!

Posted on 28/06/17 in Authors, Competitions, Lari Don

We love our Spellchasers fans, and it seems that they are an extremely talented and creative bunch! To celebrate the launch of The Witch’s Guide to Ma …

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Spellchasers Fan Art Competition

Fan art competition: win the Spellchasers trilogy!

Posted on 26/05/17 in Authors, Competitions, Lari Don, Spellchasers

Enter our fan art competition for the chance to win an exclusive Spellchasers prize bundle! Author Lari Don will judge the shortlisted entries and pic …

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Spellchasers characters

Would you trust this Spellchasers character?

Posted on 20/04/17 in Guest posts, Lari Don, Spellchasers

In The Beginner’s Guide to Curses, we met the Spellchasers team. The unluckily cursed Molly, Beth the dryad, Innes the Kelpie, and Atacama the sphinx. …

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Spellchasers characters

The Spellchasers trilogy – what happens next?

Posted on 03/04/17 in Lari Don, Spellchasers

At our special book launch for The Shapeshifter’s Guide to Running Away – the second book in Spellchasers trilogy – author Lari Don let us into some o …

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Spellchasers characters

Meet the Spellchasers team!

Posted on 17/02/17 in Lari Don, Spellchasers

You’re on a quest to lift your curse. You’ve just been surrounded by the grey men of Ben Macdui. You need someone to help you escape. Who would you ch …

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Spellchasers characters

Superfans speculate on the Spellchasers trilogy

Posted on 01/02/17 in Lari Don, Spellchasers

We’re waiting on tenterhooks to read The Shapeshifter’s Guide to Running Away, the next instalment of Lari Don’s Spellchasers trilogy. In The Beginner …

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Spellchasers characters

Spellchasers competition: win a signed book!

Posted on 24/01/17 in Competitions, Lari Don, Spellchasers

Calling all Lari Don fans! To celebrate the launch of The Shapeshifter’s Guide to Running Away, Atacama the sphinx helped us to put together this tric …

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Spellchasers: The Beginner’s Guide to Curses

Posted on 19/08/16 in Lari Don

You may have heard us talking about Lari Don’s amazing Spellchasers trilogy recently, and now the first book – The Beginner’s Guide to Curses – is fin …

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Clip clop CRASH! Yann and the Fabled Beasts gang are taking over DiscoverKelpies for a day!

Posted on 26/09/14 in First Aid for Fairies, Fun Stuff, Lari Don

Good morning Kelpies fans! We found this very mysterious blog waiting for us when we arrived at DiscoverKelpies Towers so of course we had to share it …

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#FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Philip Longson

Posted on 24/09/14 in Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff, Lari Don

Illustrator of…For the last three weeks we’ve dedicated our #FlorisDesign take-overs to showcasing our wonderfully talented Traditional Scottish Tal …

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Cover reveal! Introducing The Fabled Beast Chronicles by Lari Don

Posted on 09/05/14 in Authors, Lari Don

Happy Friday, Kelpies readers! And boy, do we have a treat for you. A cover reveal treat, that is! You might have heard some whispers over on the Disc …

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Lari Don — Storm Singing and Other Tangled Tasks — Author Interview

Posted on 18/08/11 in July 2011, Lari Don, Storm Singing

In case you missed it, here’s the Book of the Month Author Interview with Lari Don. Lari released her latest book in the First Aid for Fairies series …

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Lari Don Clowns Around!

Posted on 22/07/11 in Lari Don, Launches and Events

Check out a clip of Lari Don, author of the First Aid for Fairies series and Rocking Horse War, clowning around at Edinburgh’s Central Library. Have y …

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Lari Don – Updated Website

Posted on 08/02/11 in First Aid for Fairies, Lari Don, Rocking Horse War, Storm Singing, Wolf Notes

Lari Don, the brilliant author of the First Aid for Fairies series and Rocking Horse War, has updated her website with some fantastic new features. Sh …

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New Kelpies for 2011

Posted on 01/12/10 in Anne Forbes, Carol Christie, Dragon Seeker, Janis Mackay, Lari Don, Magnus Fin Moonlight Mission, Storm Singing, The Wishcatchers

While the world is very cold and snowy (including Edinburgh), the Kelpies team are planning wonderful new books for you to read next spring and early …

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Lari Don Interview

Posted on 22/09/10 in Book of the Month, Lari Don, Rocking Horse War

Just in case you missed the Lari Don author interview which was posted at the release of her new book Rocking Horse War, here it is again. The questio …

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