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Features for Teachers: Accidental Time Traveller

Posted on 15/12/17 in Features for Teachers, Janis Mackay, The Accidental Time Traveller

Are you looking for rewarding reading resources that your pupils will relish? Then why not try this pack for the award-winning The Accidental Time Tra …

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Illustrator interview with Ruchi Mhasane

#FlorisDesign Illustrator Interview: Ruchi Mhasane

Posted on 17/09/14 in Design and Illustration, Fun Stuff, Janis Mackay

Illustrator of… Last Wednesday we introduced you to the first of our Traditional Scottish Tales illustrators, Matthew Land – illustrator of Theresa …

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Janis Mackay Author Interview

Posted on 13/04/11 in Janis Mackay, Magnus Fin Moonlight Mission

In case you missed it, here is the Book of the Month interview with Scottish author and storyteller Janis Mackay, whose new book Magnus Fin and the Mo …

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Seals at Deep Sea World

Posted on 01/03/11 in Janis Mackay, Launches and Events, Magnus Fin Moonlight Mission

To celebrate the release of Magnus Fin and the Moonlight Mission, the latest book about half-selkie (part-human, part-seal) hero Magnus Fin, we had a …

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New Kelpies for 2011

Posted on 01/12/10 in Anne Forbes, Carol Christie, Dragon Seeker, Janis Mackay, Lari Don, Magnus Fin Moonlight Mission, Storm Singing, The Wishcatchers

While the world is very cold and snowy (including Edinburgh), the Kelpies team are planning wonderful new books for you to read next spring and early …

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