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Who will win the Kelpies Prize 2013?

Posted on 18/07/2013 in The Kelpies Prize

KP-logo-2013Brainwashed chickens in space, you say? Well, it’s not the plot for Pixar’s next blockbuster, which means it must be time to meet our shortlisted books for this year’s Kelpies Prize …

Every year at Floris, we look far and wide for the next book to join our brilliant collection of Kelpies Prize winners. If it’s Scottish and a cracking story, we want to read it. This year, we’ve had more entries than ever before and our office kelpies have been busy picking three of the best for you.

If you like chickens and danger, then Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens by Alex McCall is for you! There’s something fowl going on in Aberdeen as the city is terrorised by giant robotic chickens. But Jesse and his friends aren’t going to let the chickens rule the roost any longer …

But maybe you like your danger without chickens? Never Back by Barbara Henderson is about an exciting journey to remember who you really are. TJ and Levi have been brainwashed to forget by the Authorities. Can they discover their past before the present catches up with them?

Have you ever dreamt about going to the moon? Jimmy and his friends had, but they never thought it would be for their P7 class trip! In The Great Moon Mission by Shona McQuilken, the gang compete to blast off into space – but everything is not quite as it seems …

Thrilling stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree! So which book do you think should win? Send us a quick email (or find us on Facebook) and let us know what you think.

Hurry though, because you’ve not got long – the secret will be out on Thursday 22nd August 2013.

Posted by: Nuria at Discover Kelpies

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