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The Secret of the Kelpie in Scotland

Posted on 15/03/2016 in Books

Every loch in Scotland, however beautiful, has its cold, dark depths.

And every loch in Scotland has its kelpie.

But it’s easy to forget those dangers on a sunny afternoon…

So begins the latest Traditional Scottish Tale from Lari Don and Philip Longson. The kelpie, or water-horse, is prolific in Scottish folklore, and during the course of her research for The Secret of the Kelpie and other books, Lari has tracked down local kelpie legends from the length and breadth of the country. Check out our map below to see how the story of the kelpie varies from place to place. And Lari will be reading from The Secret of the Kelpie live from the site of Scotland’s most famous Kelpies this Sunday 20th March. Visit the Helix website for more details.

Does your home town have its own version of the kelpie story? Join us on Facebook and Twitter to share your own kelpie legend!

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