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Hidden Hieroglyphics Puzzle Time!

Posted on 20/03/2017 in Features for Teachers Fun Stuff

Egyptian hieroglyphics don’t have an alphabet like ours. Hieroglyphics can be symbols, or pictures of animals, people or objects. Some are easy to figure out, some confusing and some impossible!

Nabster has been making up his own picture and symbol messages for the rest of the Museum Mystery Squad. Can you figure out what they mean? (Scroll down for answers!)

Hieroglyphics activity

Class activities

Hieroglyphics are a great way to get students excited about the ancient Egyptians. Why not get your class to write their own coded messages using pictograms like in the examples above?

You can also download our printable activity sheet (pdf) which includes the hieroglyphics puzzle above and a wordsearch.


  1. 1. I love cats
  2. 2. Hamsters eat carrots
  3. 3. Laurie sleeps all the time
  4. 4. Kennedy writes a diary
  5. 5. Nabster thinks gadgets are cool
  6. 6. Dead pharaohs are found in pyramids

These activities are based on Museum Mystery Squad and the Case of the Hidden Hieroglyphics by Mike Nicholson and Mike Phillips.

Museum Mystery Squad and the Case of the Hidden Hieroglyphics jacket cover



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