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A Deadly Giant Clootie Dumpling: Top Secret Recipe

Posted on 11/04/2017 in Alan Dapre Fun Stuff Porridge the Tartan Cat

We’ve got our hands on the SUPER-SECRET plans of Fergus McFungus, Gadget Grandad’s arch enemy! Rumour has it that these top-secret plans can make a rather tasty clootie dumpling (or ‘clootie pudding’). Or, it can make a deadly weapon if you’re so inclined. Hopefully Porridge the Tartan Cat won’t get in the way of your dastardly deeds in the kitchen!

What is a clootie dumpling?!

A clootie dumpling is a traditional Scottish pudding, similar to a Christmas pudding. It gets its name from the “clout” or cloth that you use to wrap the pudding in before boiling. Stolen by Fergus McFungus, this is the top-secret recipe taken from The Splotter’s Guide to Cooking Up Trouble.

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clootie dumpling recipe


Porridge the Tartan Cat and the Brawsome BagpipesFind more of Fergus McFungus’s secret plans in Porridge the Tartan Cat and the Brawsome Bagpipes by Alan Dapré. Hopefully Gadget Grandad will be there to foil them!

When Porridge was a wee kitten he toppled into a tin of tartan paint – which is easy to do and not so easy to say. Now he lives by Loch Loch with the quirky McFun family: Gadget Grandad, Groovy Gran, Dino Dad, Mini Mum and the twins, Roaring Ross and Invisible Isla. Everyone has a super secret – or two – and Porridge is always there to lend a helping paw when things go awry. If there’s a fishy biscuit in it for him…

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